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Getting Real with Yvette McGee Brown on 10TV News HD is a series of interviews and stories about family, children and relationships. The "Getting Real" series provides an inside look at what children and parents think about different issues happening in our community today. "Getting Real" features roundtable discussions with parents and children to provide an inside look at topics like bullying, teen dating and single parenting. McGee Brown not only discusses what she has learned through moderating these roundtables, but also provides tips and advice to those dealing with these situations.

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Answering Challenging Parenting Questions

Yvette McGee Brown, president of the Center for Child and Family Advocacy, answers challenging parenting questions.

Bedtime Trials
Dad tries to fight bedtime battle on a single front            
Consistency is key for toddler's bedtime
A consistent bedtime routine will help with toddler's night-time prowling 
Behavior Difficulties
Explore all options when treating child for ADHD 
Tall Tales 
Toe the line when son whines, lies 
It's my party and I'll lie if I want to 
Minimize your attention to negative behaviors while praising positive deeds 
Ground rules will help adult son clean up his act 
Frustrated toddler's hitting concerns parents but is likely behavioral 
Suggest options, avoid power struggles when children refuse food 
Consistency, communication key to good behavior 
Curbing foul language 
Difficult Discussions
Sex education should begin at home 
Discussing death with young children 
Starting difficult conversations 
Build respect, avoid physical punishment 
Consistent verbal redirection and consequences 
Patience and Praise 
Parent/Child Relationships
Too eager for progress, mom may miss the magic 
Dad loses touch, wants daughter to meet his new wife-to-be 
Communication is key in mother-daughter relationships 
Insecure second husband's behavior is unacceptable, abusive 
Mother concerned about grandmother's home's safety 
Negative relationship between brothers a cause for concern 
Setting aside special time for first child should curb sibling jealousy 
Second child tests limits to establish her place in the family 
Social Habits
Daughter with few friends needs more activities 
Play dates, organized activities help children build friendships 

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