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Meet Our Patients

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, we realize that emotional support is every bit as important as medical treatment. That’s why we want you to meet some of our patients who, like you, are dealing with the daily challenges of managing their weight.

Casper's story

Casper's story

Casper was referred to Nationwide Childrens Hospital for elevated Triglycerides - 3 times higher than normal. He was at high risk for a heart attack at the young age of 17.

He was enrolled into the Healthy Weight and Nutrition program and then into the New U program where they taught Casper how to incorporate activity and healthy eating into his lifestyle.

Casper has lost 80 pounds since he started this program in June 2014.

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Megan's Story

Photo of Weight Loss Surgery Patient Megan Muncy

A Time to Celebrate

Diagnosed with extreme obesity, 14-year-old Megan Muncy had weight loss surgery and is enrolled in the Center for Healthy Weight & Nutrition.

February 2012: Watch the latest video of Megan to see how she's doing.

Video: At age 16, see Megan's transformation two years after surgery

Before and After Photos: Megan and other weight loss surgery patients

Read about Megan before and after her weight loss surgery.

Kammi's Story

My name is Kammilee, or Kammi.  I wanted to share my story so that maybe it can help someone else. 

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Photo of patient, Kammi, and her friend

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been bigger than kids my own age.  When I started playing volleyball and it was a struggle, I knew I had to change. 

It was hard to do it on my own.  I have wanted to make changes, so when my friend Wyatt told me he was doing a weight loss program at Children’s and having fun doing it, I asked my doctor to get me an appointment. 

I am so happy I did. 

I am learning so much and feel so much better that all the stuff I have given up and all the exercising and hard work is so worth it!  Everyone who sets their mind to it can learn and lose weight with this program.

Patient Update

What has changed in your life since joining the program?
I feel so much better!  I was able to go to Old Navy and buy shirts.  This time they really fit!  I feel so much better when running, which is what I need for volleyball.

What is your biggest barrier to success at home, school and in your community?
At home, it is hardest when my dad, who is an over-the-road driver, comes home.  He doesn’t get to come home but a few days a month, so we eat out a lot.  It gets really stressful sometimes at school so I get anxious, which makes me want to eat.  Sometimes I have so much going on, it is hard to stick to a schedule for meals and exercise. 

What are the daily food and activity challenges you face while trying to stay on track?
I am involved with a lot of activities, so just making the time to do my exercising can be tough.  I try to do little exercises that add up.  The staff has really given me good ideas on how to do exercises during commercials.  That way, even when I want to relax, I can still move!

Food is tough.  Where I live, sometimes it is hard for my mom to make dinner and still have me where I need to be.  If we eat out, whether at a sit-down restaurant or fast food, I really try to look at the menu and make better choices.  Grilled instead of fried, salad instead of fries: and never regular soda. 

What are you most proud of?
Discovering that I can do anything I set my mind to.  Some of the exercises were tough, but I loved going to the clinic and working with the staff to push myself. 

Kammie's Favorites:
Music: Most pop music and a lot more.  I actually like to listen to 70s and 80s with my mom and old rock with my dad.
Physical Activity: Volleyball; I love it!  Exercise-wise, I really loved agility exercises and swimming.
Food to Give Up or Limit: Pizza and pasta.  Making little changes, like whole wheat pasta or veggie pizza, helps.
Healthy Food: Turkey breast or fruit salad
Hobbies: Volleyball, 4H Club, reading


Bryson's Story

My name is Bryson. I am 16 ½ years old. I go to Brookhaven High School and I play defensive tackle on the varsity football team. I have played football since little league. My sports interests include basketball, baseball, and wrestling. I decided to make a change because of health reasons.   [read more...]

I have had high blood pressure since I was ten years old. I also decided to make a change because of sports. I’m always running. By making healthy changes, exercise will be easier for me to do. The most difficult thing for me has been giving up Popeye’s Chicken. It was my favorite but I know it’s not healthy for me. Also, it was a challenge to give up second helpings of food at meals.

My tips for others who want to make healthier changes are: don’t skip meals, and eat five small meals a day. Making changes towards a healthier lifestyle have to include the whole family. Parents, don’t give up on your child. So far, my progress has been great! I have more energy to enjoy my daily activities. Most importantly, my self confidence has improved. All of my healthy changes have led to weight loss. People (especially the ladies) are beginning to notice that my physical appearance is changing! All of the changes I’ve made have really paid off!

Patient Update

What has changed in your life since joining Children’s program?
My attitude towards weight loss. I also feel like I have more energy to work out for football. I’ve also enjoyed telling my friends about my healthy choices and weight loss.

What is your biggest barrier to success at home, school, and in the community?
I don’t feel that I have any barriers for success at home. My mom is very supportive of my decision to lead a healthier life and has even worked towards a healthier lifestyle herself. We help to keep each other on track.

At school, the biggest barrier to success is the food items offered in the cafeteria. They don’t really have a lot of healthy options for me to choose from.

In the community, the biggest barrier to success is the availability of fast food restaurants. It is hard to resist temptation.

What are the daily food and activity challenges you face while trying to stay on track?
Making healthy choices while eating out with friends. Some days I am more motivated than others. For activity, my biggest challenges are finding the time to squeeze activity in my daily schedule. Also, I find it hard to be active when there is bad weather.

What are you most proud of?
My weight loss and the amount of energy I now have. Also, I am very proud of myself to have the motivation to make changes on my own.

Bryson's Favorites:
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Music: Rap-Fabulous
Hobbies: Basketball, football, weight lifting, hanging out with friends
Favorite Physical Activity: wrestling
Favorite Healthy Food: salad with lots of veggies


Courtney's Story

Who doesn’t make changes in their life? We all do whether major or minor. My need for change came along one day in December when I was reading The Columbus Dispatch.   [read more...]

I read an article on the New U 26 Program that my mother had seen. I then realized how nice it would be to go shopping in the Juniors Section, not the Plus sizes. I knew already of medical issues, but the article made me think how nice it would be to be normal, to look and feel it. I didn’t want to go the surgery route unless it was my last option; I like the challenge of everyday, knowing in the end that it is all worth the pain, tears and happiness of feeling good about my mind, soul and finally my body.

Patient Update

What has changed in your life since joining Children’s program?
The minor things in my life have changed, like my eating habits.

What is your biggest barrier to success at home, school, and in the community?
At home we own an ice cream shop and I face sweets and fast food everyday. But I feel that this inspires me too.

What are the daily food and activity challenges you face while trying to stay on track?
I am not a person who is not actively motivated. I get home from five hours of work on feet and I am exhausted. I also face the challenge of fast food and ice cream; which I am motivated to eat. When it comes time to fight those cravings I just remember my goals and how far I have come and that helps me through.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of how far I have come in six months. Even though I have hit a plateau, I want to work harder.

Courtney's Favorites:
Favorite Music: Punk-Rock, Pop, Country and much more
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, singing, cuddling with my dog, running, blogging, texting, talking to friends, working with my cattle
Favorite Physical Activity: Running
Favorite Healthy Food: Blueberries


Alan's Story

My name is Alan and to be truthful I didn’t want to do this program. My family said I needed it but my friends didn’t want me to change.   [read more...]

I wanted to make that change in my life because my family said that that would be the right thing to do. This program is very fun to do and it is the best thing I have done.

The most difficult thing for me to do is eat right and not to eat junk food all that time. You really need to watch what you eat. Also when you start to exercise don’t come in and drink soda. You need to be drinking a lot of water, both outside and inside.

Some tips to make it though the days are to be creative. Try new things when you’re hungry, try eating fruit. For exercise play basketball, baseball and football; you can even play card games just put exercise in with them. You can also run around the house when a commercial is on.

Supporting words from me are to be confident and to not give up when you think you can’t do it. Tell yourself that you can do everything and to keep your head high. Have your family be very supportive and don’t give up.

The update on my progress is that I was 204 lbs. and now I am 182 lbs. I am trying to get down to 150 lbs. This program has changed my life a lot and I fell very good about myself. I think it will change your life too.

Patient Update

What has changed in your life since joining Children’s program?
I have more confidence. I am active, and my feet don’t hurt when I run.

What is your biggest barrier to success at home, school, and in the community?
There is a lot of food that you want to eat but you can’t eat them.

What are the daily food and activity challenges you face while trying to stay on track?
The food that is bad for you so don’t eat them that much. The activity you just have to think of some activities.

What are you most proud of?
I have lost weight and I have more confidence.

Alan's Favorites:
Favorite Music: Rock and Roll
Hobbies: Swimming
Favorite Physical Activity: Basketball
Favorite Healthy Food: Frozen Fat-Free Yogurt


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