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Types of Treatment

The Family Support Program (FSP) is the counseling program at the CCFA. We offer counseling for children and adolescents who have been sexually or physically abused or exposed to family violence. All of our clinicians have been trained in treatment methods that are proven to be effective in reducing trauma and improving functioning. We offer counseling in the office and in family homes.

Community-Based Treatment: This level of service is designed for families who need extra support in recovering after the abuse. The counselor may provide counseling in the family home, attend school meetings or organize the services that the family uses. We provide 24-hour crisis-on-call to family members and may see families more than one time a week. Ideal family candidates are ready to change their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Outpatient Treatment: Families come into the CCFA to get counseling in this type of service. Most families come one time a week for 60 to 90 minutes, although this changes depending on the type of service. 

We offer the following types of treatment:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR):

This office-based intervention is used to treat symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and trauma reactions. During this intervention the therapist guides the client in tapping or eye movements while having the client focus on a troubling memory. This intervention has been shown to speed up the healing process without using traditional talk therapy methods. EMDR helps the brain to store upsetting memories in a less disturbing or upsetting way. Therapists are trained and certified in the use of EMDR and have practical experience in providing this intervention to families.

Group Treatment:

The Family Support Program offers a 10-week group therapy program for child victims of sexual abuse and their non-offending caregivers. Groups are offered for children and adolescents ages 3-18. For every child and adolescent group, we offer a group for their caregiver that meets at the same time. Our group treatment provides psycho-education on symptoms or behaviors related to sexual abuse as well as healthy coping skills. Through group therapy, families decrease isolation, increase their support system, gain a better understanding of healthy sexuality and learn safety skills. Our groups are funded by the Victims of Crime Act administered by the Ohio Attorney General and provided at no cost to families. It is an ideal way for children or adolescents and caregivers to address their concerns about sexual abuse and is rated very highly in patient satisfaction.

Parent Child Interaction Training:

Offered both in the office setting and in the family home, this evidence-based strategy focuses on coaching parents to produce desired behaviors in their children. It relies on praising and attending to the child as well as disciplining the child. It is particularly effective in working with children with disruptive behavior problems and with battered parents and their children who have witnessed the family violence.

Psychological Evaluation:

We offer comprehensive and standardized psychological evaluations for children and adolescents who are receiving counseling services with the Family Support Program.

Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment:

This service is available for children and adolescents who may need medication management to help them work through their reactions to the abuse. It is only available to individuals who receive their counseling services with FSP.

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT):

This time-limited model works with children who have experienced a trauma and involves their non-offending caregivers. Through TF-CBT, children and families learn to understand their experiences, manage anxieties and fears, cope with stress, improve self-esteem, develop strategies to maintain safety in their environments and form healthy relationships with others, and most importantly how to heal from the hurt. It is most effective when the child/adolescent is joined in treatment by a supportive adult.

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