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Quotes from Families & Patients of CCFA

Quotes from Families who have been treated by the CCFA Behavioral Health and Family Support Programs.

"What I liked about group was that I said everything that happened to me and my counselor heard it all."- 12 year old

"I had a chance to finally express my feelings without someone judging me."- 13-year-old female

"I just loved this program. It has been so valuable for (my child) and me. I felt like I could really open up and discuss things causing stress. I just couldn't be happier for how well (my child) has come around."- Parent

"The staff cared about my whole family." - Parent

"I was able to show her I'm on her side."- Parent

"It's a long journey. This has been a very helpful part of it."- Parent

"I really needed this program for my granddaughter and myself."- Guardian of a preschool group attendee
"The thing I liked most was being able to talk about what happened without being judged."- Teen Group Attendee

"The counseling helped me because when I was raped no one was there for me and when it happened to my baby girl I made sure there was help for her."  Parent from our 5-7 year-old Parent Group

"Attending this group helped open up my eyes to how I can help my children through the bad days when they come." – Parent from our 8-10 year-old Parent Group

"Thank God this group exists because I felt that nobody was listening to us until we got here. I was dying with this stuff inside me." – Parent from 11-13 year-old Parent Group

"This program helped me see that I made the right choices. It helped me see I am not alone. I learned it's okay to talk about what happened." - Parent from 5-7 year-old parent group

"You have been great for me and my child. Thank you for providing a safe place to talk."- Parent from our 8-10 year-old Parent Group

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