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Driving for Patient Champion, Peyton Ostrowsky

Brian Scott

Birthdate: January 12, 1988
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Resides: Mooresville, N.C.
Hobbies: Fishing, boating, snowmobiling, snow skiing, hunting, motorcycles, video games, extreme sports, golf
Twitter: @BScottRacing

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Meet Peyton

Hometown: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Age: 13
Diagnosis: Diabetes Insipidus

As a baby, Peyton seemed to be a normal baby. But as time passed, his mother had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Peyton was always incredibly thirsty – and he only wanted water. He couldn’t get enough. Thinking it was a behavioral issue, his mother continued to give him water until she began talking to other new moms. No one else seemed to be experiencing this with their new toddlers, so she took Peyton to their pediatrician.

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During the visit with their pediatrician, Peyton continued to ask for water – and his doctor recognized the problem. Peyton was suffering from diabetes insipidus (DI), which is very rare and is caused my irregular development of the pituitary gland. Those with DI cannot regulate their water intake, and can suffer from severe dehydration, blurred vision, appetite int

Today, Peyton takes daily medication, as well as human growth hormone because DI can affect growth rate. He went from being the smallest kid in pre-school to one of the tallest in his 7th grade class.


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