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Driving for Patient Champion, Roger Michael

Birthdate: July 10, 1975
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada and Huntersville, North Carolina
Hobbies: Snow skiing, scuba diving, supporting Hoyas athletics and off-road racing
Twitter: @Brendan62@RCR62BGaughan
Team: Richard Childress Racing 

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Meet Roger Michael

Hometown:  Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Age:  6
Diagnosis: Epilepsy and Developmental Delay
Roger goes by the name Mikey. If he were to have another name, perhaps it would be “Promise,” because his life began with a promise from his adoptive mother and because no matter what challenges may face him, Mikey shows promise that he will shine through.
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The first promise came when 12-hour old Mikey was placed in Alison’s arms for the first time by Child Protective Services. She promised that from that moment on she would do anything and everything to protect him. And so the journey of promises began.
At 17 months, Mikey was diagnosed with epilepsy. It was then that he began many therapies and treatments for all of his developmental delays at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Division of Child Neurology. The Division is recognized as a leader in pediatric neurological disorders. Our specialists are experts in treating a broad range of pediatric neurological disorders as well as highly specialized areas of pediatric neurology, such as epilepsysleep medicineneuromuscular disordersstrokeintracranial hypertensionheadacheneurodevelopmental disabilities and more. We also participate in clinical and basic-science research programs. We are committed to helping kids like Mikey on their journey to reach their fullest potential.
When Mikey was 24 months into his life’s journey, he took his first steps. When he was 2-½ years old Alison and Jeff officially adopted him. Six months later, Mikey had his first seizure since his diagnosis. Two years after that, when Mikey was 5, he experienced a seizure that nearly ended his life. 
It’s been a difficult journey, but today 6-year-old Mikey is doing great!  He plays basketball and soccer for a local upwards team and county leagues. “He is growing leaps and bounds and overcoming so many things that we once were told he may never be able to do,” says Alison. Just as Alison’s promise to take care of him has remained unwavering, so has Mikey’s promise to shine through.
And the Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 promises to be a wonderful day for all, but especially for Mikey. Perhaps it is all of the obstacles that he has moved past that have given him the love of motion. He loves anything that moves - trains, planes, boats, and race cars! And he is especially excited knowing that Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 moves people to donate to Nationwide Children's Hospital’s promise to help kids like him be able to reach their highest potential.

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