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Meet Brayden

Little Brayden Bueter was about to celebrate his third birthday. It should have been a time of great joy, but on that special day Brayden’s mom noticed that her little boy’s eye looked as if it was bulging out of its socket. The family doctor ran some tests but the results were inconclusive. He scheduled an MRI, but Brayden was in so much pain that his mother and father decided not to wait. They took him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Brayden had a tumor which was growing in his sinus cavity. He was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer and was admitted to the Hematology/Oncology Unit at Nationwide Children’s. Within days he underwent a seven-hour surgery. Only a portion of the fast growing tumor could be removed. The remainder of the cancer was inoperable. The battle had just begun.

It would take 43 weeks of grueling chemotherapy and 28 sessions of radiation to finally rid Brayden of the cancer that threatened his young life.

“I can’t say enough about the expertise and kindness of the doctors and staff at Nationwide Children’s. The care and caring my son received was truly unbelievable. Everyone at the hospital treated Brayden, my other children, my husband and myself just like family. The nurses even had a birthday party for Brayden with decorations and gifts. I will never forget these wonderful, wonderful people who we had just met only days before,” says Brayden’s mother, Jennifer.

Brayden is getting long-term care now and he is doing great. He participates in Cub Scouts and is on the Grove City YMCA swim team. He loves to play video and board games. “For a time there, I thought our lives would never be normal again. Nationwide Children’s Hospital gave us back Brayden and our wonderful normal life,” concluded Jennifer.

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