Nationwide Children’s Hospital Leads With Action to End Racism and Support Health Equity for Patients, Families, Staff and Community Members

Stand Against Racism, Stand For Health Equity

Racism and inequity have been part of the fabric of our society for far too long. This year, we have experienced a collective call to the urgent need to come together to stand against racism and stand for health equity.

At Nationwide Children’s our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity is now further strengthened by our commitment to fight racism in all its forms.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical ProfessionalThe graphic below represents the intentional actions of our Stand Against Racism, Stand For Health Equity. Each part is comprised of a working group led by our senior leadership and faculty. This work will expand our vision of diversity, inclusion and health equity for the patients, families and communities we serve, and for our faculty and staff.

In 2020, Nationwide Children’s was the first hospital in our region to ensure that every employee earns a minimum of $15 per hour — a commitment to equitable wages for all.

Our health equity research continues to reveal the challenges under-represented children and families face. One example is a startling study from our Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine that showed seemingly healthy Black children are significantly more likely to die after surgery than seemingly healthy white children. Our health equity research and quality improvement work are focused on identifying these hidden disparities and leading us to solutions and better outcomes.

Just as we care for the whole child — physically, behaviorally, socially and economically — we are addressing racism and inequity holistically. These issues are interconnected and interlocking, and our actions here will ultimately help us better serve children and families.

Stand Against Racism, Stand For Health Equity