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Why Choose Children's

Ever wonder why Children’s nurses wear comfortable shoes? Besides the fact that high heels and cowboy boots just don’t work with scrubs, Children’s nurses tend to run from project to project, performing well beyond their typical nursing duties.

Nurses at Children’s were busy during this year, also the hospital’s first year as a Magnet-accredited institution. Check out these nursing numbers from 2006:

Fast Facts

  • 124 research studies approved by the Institutional Review Board listed Children’s nurses as primary investigators, co-investigators, or clinical coordinators.
  • 17 Children's employees received training offered by the hospital in order to be considered for a Patient Care Assistant position. 16 of them passed their State Boards.
  • 30 nurses achieved national certification.
  • 14 research studies that focus on nursing were initiated.
  • 110 students of nursing were precepted by Children’s nurses in clinical assignments ranging from 110 hours to 240 hours.
  • 96 educational offerings were presented by Children’s nurses to serve as outreach for professionals and students.
  • 84 presentations were made by nurses at conferences external to Children’s.
  • 55 Children’s nurses and APNs had articles selected for publication in national journals.
  • 117 new graduate RNs started their nursing career at Children's.


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Nationwide Children’s is proud to be one of 2 percent of hospitals re-designated as a Magnet™ organization.

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Learn more about this important recognition.


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