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Volunteer of the Year Nominees

Each month we recognize one volunteer who consistently demonstrates outstanding quality of work, quantity of work, customer service, dedication, and mission. Nominations come from staff, families, and other volunteers. Now it's time for one of our Volunteers of the Month to be given the honor of Volunteer of the Year!

Ballots may be cast by any Nationwide Children's Hospital Employee, Staff Member or Volunteer. Voting took place Feb. 3-28.

2016 Volunteers of the Month

Judy ManleyJanuary Volunteer of the Month: Judy Manley, More than 3,500 hours of service

Judy Manley began volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 1990 and has dedicated 3,685 hours of service. She serves as both an office volunteer and activity group volunteer, and her peers describe her as a friendly, helpful and flexible individual with a positive attitude. "Judy is patient, friendly and engaging in evening activity groups," shares Activity Assistant Megan Francis. "Her high spirits (and assorted creative accessories) bring a smile to the patients, families, staff and volunteers."


Nicholas ConnFebruary Volunteer of the Month: Nicholas Conn, More than 400 hours of service

Nicholas began volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2012 and has dedicated 432 hours of service. Staff describe him as a reliable volunteer with a kind heart and respect for children. If there are no children to play with, Nick tends to every detail and keeps the Clubhouse toys in tip-top shape. "Nick is great at building relationships with kids," shares Sibling Liaison Lisa Bendler. "I always look forward to the time of the week that he volunteers."


Jacob EbrightMarch Volunteer of the Month: Jacob Ebright, More than 300 hours of service

Jacob Ebright began volunteering at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in 2013 and has dedicated more than 328 hours of service. Jacob has volunteered in a variety of areas, beginning with the art cart and most recently volunteering on the H8 patient units. H8 unit nurses say Jacob is a reliable, consistent and friendly Sunday morning volunteer who's a valuable addition to the H8 volunteer team. Patients enjoy when he visits their rooms, and Jacob ensures playroom and toy resources are clean and safe for patients and siblings.


Logan TaylorApril Volunteer of the Month: Logan Taylor, More than 100 hours of service

Logan Taylor began volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2015 and has dedicated more than 134 hours of service. Logan, an OT/PT volunteer at the East Columbus Close to Home Center, always takes initiative and is eager to help in any way possible. Staff describe him as a compassionate, kind volunteer with an excellent attitude. "All the kids love saying hi to him," shares one OT/PT staff member. "Logan makes a difference in all our days."


Halle SmithMay Volunteer of the Month: Halle Smith, More than 210 hours of service

Halle Smith began volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2012 and has dedicated more than 233 hours of service. She started volunteering at the Sibling Clubhouse in high school, and today, the busy college student continues to volunteer in the H8 patient units. "Halle's natural calming disposition allows for patients and families to easily warm up to her," shares the H8 Child Life staff. "She always helps keep the playroom clean and safe, offers caregivers breaks and goes the extra mile to help brighten a patient’s day."


June Volunteer of the Month: CJ Nemastil, More than 375 hours of service

CJ Nemastil has provided more than 375 hours of support to Gastroenterology. Fredrick Woodley, PhD, shares that CJ is a volunteer who went above and beyond during his time with the research department. He surpassed expectations and went the extra mile to support many extra projects. “CJ is an incredibly hard worker with intense dedication to the research efforts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital,” notes one team member.


July Volunteer of the Month: Mark Liefeld, More than 260 hours of service

Mark Liefeld has dedicated more than 260 hours of service since he started as a volunteer in 2014. Mark is a retired teacher who supports the hospital school program. His volunteer duties include working with patients who are students in the outpatient dialysis unit. "Mark exudes a sense of calmness, unique set of listening skills and the rare ability of knowing when to contribute and when to hold back in an academic setting," says Samantha Prachar, hospital school teacher. "He is making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the patients and families he serves."


071116bt0462 August Volunteer of the Month: Courtney Hattle, More than 200 hours of service

Courtney Hattle began volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2014 and has dedicated more than 200 hours or service. She started volunteering with the Admitting Gift Cart and activity groups, and most recently you can find her volunteering on a patient unit. “Courtney is reliable, self-motivated and always presents with a cheerful affect,” says Danielle Behnke, H9 Child Life Specialist. “She goes above and beyond by serving as a mentor for new volunteers and allowing them to shadow her on the unit.”


Kevin Kobbeman September Volunteer of the Month: Kevin Kobbeman, More than 980 hours of service

Kevin Kobbeman began volunteering at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in 2008 and has dedicated more than 980 hours of service. Kevin volunteers in the Family Resource Center, where he assists with Monday Family Pizza Night, serves beverages and offers patients and families support. Family Liaison Vicki Compton describes Kevin as a dependable, organized and cheerful volunteer. “Kevin always takes time to introduce himself to patients and families, and our long-term families look forward to seeing him each week.”


Julie Tunnell October Volunteer of the Month: Julie Tunnell, More than 300 hours of service

Julie Tunnell is the current Family Advisory Council volunteer chair and has dedicated more than 300 hours of service since 2012. Julie mentors for Connecting Families, serves on the Treat Me with Respect Committee and helps assess family perspectives on hospital experiences through the Parent Coffee Program. “As a Nationwide Children's Hospital parent, Julie understands the importance of engaging families as partners in care and she is committed to improving the patient and family experience,” shares Connecting Families Program Coordinator Meredith Brink.


Lauren Winslow November Volunteer of the Month: Lauren Winslow, More than 290 hours of service

Lauren Winslow began volunteering in 2014 and has dedicated more than 294 hours of service. Since joining the hospital’s volunteer program, Lauren has volunteered with the Sibling Clubhouse and the Art Cart. According to Sibling Clubhouse Liaison Lisa Bendler, Lauren’s positive demeanor and calm presence helps every child know they are safe and important. Lauren recently went above and beyond by sharing her own volunteering experiences with new high school volunteers.


Lynne Brown December Volunteer of the Month: Lynne Brown, More than 280 hours of service

Lynne Brown began volunteering at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in 2014 and has dedicated more than 282 hours of service. Lynne, who’s described as flexible and reliable, has volunteered with the C5 patient unit and Reach Out and Read program. “Lynne is willing to spend time with patients of any age or developmental level,” shares Child Life Specialist Laura Manocchio. “She is also very culturally aware and sensitive, which is observed in her interactions with patients and families.”

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