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Fast Facts

July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

Total Discharges: 269
Inpatient Discharges: 197
Observation and Outpatient-in-a-Bed Discharges: 72
Total Patient Days*: 394
Average Length of Stay*: 2.0
Average Daily Census*: 1.1
Total Surgical Procedures: 1,654
Inpatient Consults: 289
Total Clinic Visits: 8,533
Dublin Urology Clinic Visits: 732
Ironton Urology Clinic Visits: 412
Mansfield Urology Clinic Visits: 295
Urology Clinic Visits: 6,525
Westerville Urology Clinic Visits: 569
Urodynamics: 994

*Excludes Observation and Outpatient-in-a-Bed Cases.

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Urology Resources

At Nationwide Children’s, we understand and respect the needs of physicians and know the well-being of your patients is your number one concern. Below are a variety of Urology resources to assist you and your families.

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