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Transgenic and Embryonic Stem Cell
Core Prices and Ordering

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External Client Price List


   Embryo freezing and storage for 3 years $1,300  
   Sperm cryopreservation (JAX kit) 3 strains $3,900  
   Sperm cryopreservation (JAX kit) 1 strain $1,500  
   Sperm cypropreservation TRINCH for 3 years N/A 
   Blastocyst injection $3,800  
   Morula aggregation $3,800  
   C57Bl6 (KOMP) ES cell blastocyst injection $5,000  
   Pronuclear injection $1,900  
   In-vitro fertilization $1,800  
   Cre or FLP Electroporation $2,000  
   Embryonic stem cell line rederivation $2,500  
   ES cell targeting $4,600  
   ES cell screening $4,500 
   Rederivation by embryo transfer $1,100  
   Genotyping: Speed (approx. 15 months) $10,000 
   Genotyping: High Speed (approx. 9 months)   $15,000 
   Rederivation by Embryo Transfer   $1,100 
   Long term animal housing (per day/per cage) $1  
   Import/Export handling fee $1,000  
   Training (per week) $2,500  



























NOTE: These prices are for external clients only.  Internal clients can view internal pricing once logged in to the ordering system.

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