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Our pediatric research means business.

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The Office of Technology Commercialization at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, led by Matt McFarland, RPh, PhD, facilitates the transfer of new technologies, research and innovations to outside partners to benefit pediatric care, the local community and the general public.

Start-Up Companies Based on Nationwide Children's Technology

Avexis Logo
Avexis: This company is producing a gene therapy treatment for patients with spinal muscular atrophy, which allows for the delivery of a replacement gene to target motor neurons throughout the brain and spinal cord.
Abeona Therapeutics Abeona Therapeutics: Focused on developing a cure for Sanfilippo syndrome, this company is using novel technology to deliver a corrective gene to the central nervous system.
Milo Biotechnology logo

Milo Biotechnology: This company is developing a therapy to increase muscle strength and improve the quality of life of muscular dystrophy patients. The therapy is based on a discovery using an adeno-associated virus (AAV)- delivered follistatin protein.

ProclaRx logo ProclaRx: Leveraging a discovery that disrupts bacterial biofilms, this company is developing a therapy that creates a more effective environment for antibiotics to eradicate chronic infections.
GenomeNEXT logo GenomeNext: This organization is a genomic informatics company using advanced computational technologies for the evaluation of genetic variation and function within individual patients to large populations. GenomeNext uses an analysis algorithm developed at Nationwide Children’s, which allows for extremely fast and highly reproducible analysis of large quantities of genomic sequencing data.