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Staff Quotes

The physicians, scientists, nurses, staff and volunteers of Nationwide Children’s Hospital have dedicated their lives to children. Here, in their own words, is what inspires them.

In their words

"The children we care for are a constant inspiration to do our best today and to strive to do better tomorrow – their smiles, their courage, their trust – that is our inspiration."
- Jane Balint, MD

“I am inspired by my child Jordan, who spent most of his short life in Children’s. I am lucky to serve the siblings of our patients in my work at the Clubhouse!”
- Lisa Bendler, Family & Volunteer Services

“Every patient we serve deserves and receives not only the highest quality medical care but a smiling face, warm hug and the reassurance that they are in a safe, caring environment.”
- Ed Firgau, MT (ASCP), Supervisor/QA, Routine Testing Core Lab

“Working here puts life into perspective! I am inspired by so many of the parents here who face the hard reality of having a chronically ill child with such grace and perseverance.”
- Sue Doud, Human Resources

“I work in the lab so I don’t get to see the kids very often, but I see what comes through the lab and know how tragic some of their circumstances are. I often stop and pray for them and their family and realize that my problems seem awfully small in comparison. Every time I come to work it helps put things back into perspective of how precious life really is.”
- Jill Howard, MT (ASCP)

“Each day I walk into work I am humbled by the fortitude families express. The unwavering commitment parents have for their children makes it a privilege to be a part of their lives.”
- Julie Grossenbacher, RA, The Research Institute, Psychology Department

“My inspiration has always been my children. After the death of our son, I went back to school to become an RN in hopes of somehow giving back to the children. I encounter daily the love and attention that was always given to him when he was so ill.”
- Linda ‘Granny’ Grooms, RN CPON, Wasserstrom Scholar Recipient, 25-year employee

“A mom came back to the hospital with her daughter who we had cared for as a baby more than 15 years earlier. The mother remembered my name and the care I provided. It brought tears to my eyes that what I thought was routine nursing care, meant so much to her and she remembered it so clearly so many years later!”
- Maria Vegh, RN, Program Manager T6/6AW

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is knowing that I am an integral part of the process that will one day lead to new treatments and, hopefully, a cure for cancer.”
- Brandi Regula, Center for Childhood Cancer,The Research Institute

“The thing that most inspires me about Nationwide Children’s Hospital is the unending commitment to treat all children equally, no matter their social status or ability to pay. I have worked at Children’s for 29 years and have watched it grow from a ‘good community hospital’ with 26 full-time medical staff to currently one of the top children’s hospitals in the country. The dedication to care for all children equally has not changed!”
- Dwight A Powell, MD

“The thing that inspires me the most in my job is a small hand wrapped around my finger.”
- Constance Cales, PCA, NICU

“If you can get a patient to smile through their tears, it’s as if time stops and nothing else matters in that moment. The biggest goal I have working at Children’s is making a difference in a child’s life. I feel that our life here on Earth is not measured by time but instead by the people we’ve touched and the impact we’ve had on their lives.”
- Kathy Postle, Physical Therapist/Acute Care

“With how busy the food court is each day, a little girl brought everything to a stand still. She walked into the food court with her parents sheepishly holding a sign that said, ‘Today I had my last Chemo.’ As her sign gradually caught people’s eyes, they started to clap for her. As the clapping got louder curiosity caught up with everyone and finally everyone in the room gave the little girl a thunderous standing ovation. After seeing the response, the little girl no longer hid behind her sign, but rather she proudly walked around so everyone could see her. I think it’s safe to say that that little girl was an inspiration to everyone in the room that day. She certainly was to me.”
- Cara Riley, Radiology Information Records Specialist

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is the love of my patients, the love of my job, and the love of my co-workers. I look forward to coming to work everyday. And I thank God for blessing me with this job. I’ve only been here for a month. And I enjoy every moment of it.”
- Kimberly Y. Williams, Olentangy Close To HomeSM Center

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is working alongside staff who are passionate about making real changes in lives and the community everyday, one family at a time.”
- Kris West, PhD, Psychologist, Behavioral Health Supervisor

“When our daughter was 8 years old, she was a patient here at Children’s Neuro-Surgical Services. Complication from surgery required a 6 month stay on 3TS. I recently joined Children’s and work in Engineering Services responsible for furniture, fixtures and equipment purchases for new construction and renovation projects. Our stay here at Children’s gives me insight on how our decisions affect the patient/family experience.”
- Sandy Weiner, Construction Purchasing Manager

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is to show each child caring and respect even though I had to do something that hurt them. A conversation, a hug, a touch, a smile are all gifts I can give.”
- Linda Ventresco, Laboratory, East Columbus Close To Home Center

“I am motivated by the passion at Children’s everyday – there is a climate that is ‘Keeping the Hope Alive’ that I believe empowers all of us!!”
- Christina J. Valentine, MD, MS, RD, Medical Director, Neonatal Nutrition Services and Lactation Program

“The patients inspire me all the time. Their strength and courage cannot be put into words.”
- Beth Thompson, RN

“I enjoy striving to provide the very best children’s care to fulfill our obligation to treat ALL children as we are the preeminent provider of children’s healthcare in our region.”
- Bruce Meyer, MD

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is that, like the saying goes, ‘100 years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove or how much money I had but that I made a difference in the life of a child.’”
- Nicci Swint, Patient Access, ER, UCMC, OP Lab Evening Lead

“I feel honored and lucky to be helping kids every day.”
- Chris Sutton, MD

“Families in need of help from the Poison Control Center are very appreciative of the guidance they receive once their crisis is over and it makes me happy that I'm able to be there for them.”
- Jean Strauch RN, CSPI, 27-year employee

“I’m inspired by the precious smiles of the children we care for, the trust their families place in us, and the awesome responsibility we have during their time of need.”
- Jennifer Steiner, Marketing & Public Relations

“The thing that inspires me in my work is that I learn from my patients with disabilities how much we able bodied people take for granted when it comes to accomplishing routine daily tasks.”
- Tricia Spiert, RN, Physical Medicine Clinic Coordinator

“What inspires me to do my work everyday as I support Children’s mission and vision? Every time I hear a child’s laugh, it reminds me why I do what I do!”
- Erika L. Smith, Assistant to Jonathan Groner, MD

“We often do not see the patients we serve but we know their names and we monitor their progress. I'm inspired by the caring staff.”
- Chris Shonk, Laboratory

“I’m inspired to come to work every day to help provide the needed technology, enabling the hospital to provide the best CARE to our patients!”
- Brian A. Shea, Director of Systems & Network Engineering

“Prometo a mis pacientes que los comprenderé, los respetaré y haré todo lo que este de mi parte para ayudarlos, sin juzgarlos, apreciando las sililiaridades y diferencias que nos hacen únicos. Translation: I promise my patients that I will understand them, respect them, and will do anything in my power to assist them without judging them; appreciating the similarities and differences that make us so unique.:
- Anabella Sánchez, Clinical Services and Care Coordination, Interpreter Services

“From our most involved surgery cases, to our simplest clinic visits, we can and we do make the differences for our patients and their families. We can make them laugh and help them feel at ease in stressful times – we are their advocates. These are the reasons I look forward to coming to work and working here.”
- Danny Ross, HomeCare

“I have been at Children's Hospital for 17 years. I have met a lot of people over the years and seen a lot of changes. I am here to tell you that the one thing that hasn't changed is the wonderful co-workers here with me. Doctors, nurses, medics, PCAs, suture techs, and fellow UCs. I feel honored to be a part of the Emergency Department and hope to be here another 17 years. I can also say that a lot of parents of inspired me to be the mom I am today.”
- Stacey Romine, Emergency Department PCA

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is knowing that by repairing and maintaining the hospital equipment and seeing the constant improvement in the children that we help in that one more step to the best healthcare that Nationwide Children's Hospital can provide.”
- Kevin Roach, Biomedical Engineer

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is the personal fulfillment that what I do matters. I can leave work each day knowing that I played a part in assuring the support was in place for patient care providers to do their jobs. This is the type of fulfillment that our staff in Materials Management has and that allows us to feel our value.”
- Gary W. Ratliff, CMRP, Central Distribution Manager, Materials Management

“As an employee and former patient I am inspired by the passionate care that is given to each and every child that enters our hospital.”
- Ginger Pruitt, Administrative Assistant, A2/C4 NICU

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is the smile on a child’s face, either from easing their pain or from enjoying a 'kid’s' moment with them. It’s priceless.”
- Karen Principe, Program Manager, Rehabilitation Program

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is that I work with talented and caring co-workers that provide outstanding patient care. We all have a common goal of making a difference in a child's life.”
- Kellee Patterson, Center Healthy Weight and Nutrition

“I love my job as a lactation consultant here at Nationwide Children’s. I mostly work in the NICU helping mom’s provide breast milk for their baby by assisting in direct feeding or with pumping. For many of our moms, being able to provide breast milk for their baby is a “normal” mommy thing in a very abnormal situation whether that is because their baby was born way too early, is sick, and/or needs surgery.”
- Stacy Notestine, RNC, Lactation Consultant

“As an employee and a mom to a child with multiple chronic conditions, I promise to give the same care that I would want in return with my child.”
- Jill Moore, PASS Coordinator

“I reflect most upon the parents whose lives have changed instantly after hearing devastating news about their child. It amazes me how they remain so strong.”
- Angela Montgomery, RT, Team Leader, MRI

“It is a pleasure to work at Nationwide Children’s. From the administrative staff to the line people, there is always a smile and a kind word. It is great to be able to take care of our children.”
- Linda D. Lowry, Hematology/Oncology Clinic

“I am able to SEE the repair and start of a cure for my patients. My job is challenging yet truly rewarding!
- Sharnell Harrison, Surgical Technician

“I promise the patients I serve to never be blind to the complexity of a young child’s mind, or to the resiliency of their spirit, or to how each day they change my life for the better.”
- Kelly Green, Hematology/Oncology Program Manager

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is the faces of the children I see everyday in the halls and modalities of this hospital.”
- Pam Foust, Department of Radiology/Administrative Assistant

“The thing that inspires me most in my job is the commitment of this hospital to excellence. We are all accountable to do our best every day – no matter who we are, and what our position is. This drives our constantly improving service to our patients, and makes for a terrific workplace.”
- Shelagh Erskine,RN, Patient Care Services

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is being able to watch volunteers bring smiles to our children as they do activities such as bingo, arts & crafts, music, dog visits, and magic shows.”
- Camille Dandurand, Activity Assistant

“I get great joy out of seeing the smiles of children, even knowing some of their problems are far worse than mine, inspires me to do my job that much better so that their stay here is that much shorter.”
- Greg Brasswell, Materials Transporter/Materials Management

“For every child whose care I am involved in as a physician here, I truly try to see them as my own and make sure they get the very best possible effort.”
- Anonymous

“The thing that most inspires me in my work is the ability to discover things in the research laboratory at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and then take these discoveries to the bedside in order to cure patients of devastating diseases such as necrotizing enterocolitis, a leading cause of death in premature babies.”
- Gail E. Besner, MD

“I can relate to being a parent of a patient at Children’s as I once was not too long ago. I want to give back so I concentrate on knowing that the work that I do influences, in one way or another, the quality of care of that is delivered and the patient/family experience.”
- Josette Alexander, Employee Relations Coordinator

“I'm most inspired to take care of children because I know that's what God has called me to do.”
- Kassi Jo Speakman,  RN, BSN, CCRC, Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Studies Center

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