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Buzzy's Story


Four days shy of her 16th birthday, Victoria (“Buzzy”)  tore her ACL, MCL and meniscus which resulted in reconstructive knee surgery and also eight months rehabbing and sitting on the sidelines.  After a lot of very hard work and prayers, Buzzy was hopeful to run track and cheer again but in a terrible twist of fate, Buzzy’s knee suffered another terrible blow and her ACL, MCL and meniscus were re-torn and she headed back for another surgery.

With two reconstructions within nine months, Buzzy knew that the odds were not good and that she would need to dedicate her entire junior year of high school towards rehab and strengthening her knee, all with the hopes of making a comeback for her final year of high school and with the dream of running track and dancing in college.  

She spent countless hours at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy and with the careful guidance of her wonderful surgeon and her good friend and therapist, Jenny Borda, Buzzy has beat the odds that threatened to destroy her athletic goals.  She is running stronger than ever and has returned to cheerleading and dance. She even is planning on attending college next year to run track and major in dance.

She says that she couldn’t give up, even when it felt hopeless.  She had to keep trying, she says, otherwise her tears would have been for nothing. 

Maddie's Story

Maddie had been doing competitive gymnastics for 3 years. In April, she received a first-place trophy for her floor routine at the State meet for level 4. And just a month later in May, while at her level 5 practice, she was on the uneven bars and flipped over the bar onto her left arm. The humorous bone was splinter fractured and she had to have a reduction done that night with little anesthesia. The next morning, surgery was needed to reconnect the bone. She stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and 3 days. We had wonderful doctors and nurses. The hospital was very efficient.

She had a cast for 5 weeks with 3 pins. Two weeks after the doctors removed the cast and pins, she started sports and orthopedic physical therapy with Brittany, which was wonderful. Maddie had been told she would never have full extension of her arm again. Brittany was able to work with Maddie’s arm twice a week for about 2 months and Maddie regained not only full extension, but also 5 extra degrees toward her previous hyper extended arm!

Today,  she is still very bruised on her arm, but able to do round off back handsprings. She is trying other sports, such as basketball, cheerleading and volleyball, but does miss gymnastics.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital has the best source of knowledge and caring specialists. We would recommend them to everyone. The Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic was the best. They worked well with Maddie and I can’t say enough about the results of her therapy and Brittany. Brittany’s skill, dedication, determination, and gentle approach were greatly appreciated.

Alli’s Story

I tore my ACL in June 2010 at my high school basketball practice. I was getting ready to go up for a layup when I stopped awkwardly and I heard a pop in my knee. I tore my ACL, sprained my MCL, and partially tore my meniscus. In July, I had reconstructive surgery on my knee and soon after started physical therapy. I didn’t play basketball for nearly 6 months but was back on the court in January 2011 with a brace on my knee. The most difficult part throughout all of this was dealing with the pain.

Here are some tips that I learned through my experience. Work hard at physical therapy. The harder you work the stronger you’ll be when you come back to your sport. Have support from your coaches and teammates while you’re in recovery. Go and support your team at practice and games. It will help you feel like you’re a part of the team. It will also be tough not playing, but just keep in mind you’ll be playing with them soon.

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