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Shoulder/Patellar Dislocation

A dislocation of the shoulder or patella (kneecap) occurs when the bones making up that joint are separated causing it to no longer function.  A shoulder dislocation can occur from falling on an outstretched arm or onto the shoulder itself while a dislocated patella usually results from a twisting of the knee or a direct blow.  Usually intense pain accompanies a dislocation as well as swelling and deformity of the area.  You should not try to reduce (put dislocation back in place) on your own as this increases the risk of fracture and damage to the ligaments/muscles surrounding the joint.  Seek immediate attention from a physician with as little movement to the area as possible.

Shoulder Stability Program for Throwers

Children's Sports Medicine provides a Shoulder Stability Program for Throwers through our Personal Best Program which may help reduce the risk of injury or help gain strength after an injury. 

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