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Community Pediatric Experience

The Athens Experience

One of our program requirements is a block of rural pediatric medicine in Athens, Ohio. This rotation encompasses newborn nursery, ED consults, pediatric admissions and clinical experience in the Parks Hall pediatric office on the campus of Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. In the morning, newborns are seen in the nursery of O'Bleness Hospital. Any admitted pediatric patients in the hospital are seen following nursery rounds. As a pediatric resident you are responsible for the education of students and interns on the rotation at that time. During breakfast with the team you, or your attending, may lecture on pediatric topics. The rest of the day is comprised of clinic patients that you see on your own and present to the attending physicians. You are required to attend all emergency c-sections and high-risk vaginal deliveries during the day and during the nights that you are on call. You are required to take 10 to 13 home calls. This includes two weekends. Night call consists of answering mommy calls, admitting patients to the hospital and attending deliveries. The attending on-call is required to attend all c-sections and high-risk deliveries.

"The Athens experience is an essential month as part of the Dual program.  We get the experience to go and practice in a rural setting where we don't have the tertiary care center at our fingertips.  We work one on one with the attendings as we manage the nursery, go to high risk deliveries, manage any pediatric hospital admissions, and are the first called when on call.  The autonomy that you get is invigorating.  The skills you come away with during this month will help you be a better senior resident the rest of your time here, and make you a better pediatrician overall."

-Eric Bowman, DO
Former Dual Pediatric Resident

"I enjoyed the experience of working in a different environment. It was a pleasure working with and learning from the Athens attendings. There is a sense of greater continuity of care because they can take calls from families at night, attend high-risk deliveries, and see the infants in the nursery."

-Kristen Archdeacon, DO
Former Dual Pediatric Resident

Osteopathic Pediatric Education in Community Sites (OPECS)

To provide one the nation's most distinctive experiences in community practice, residents will be assigned a rotation in a community pediatrician's office. Second- and third-year residents rotate in the community offices of osteopathic pediatricians for one half-day a week. This experience allows residents to work with several physicians in various practices around Columbus. It allows the resident to appreciate the many varieties of practices and practice styles, and provides residents with the opportunity to see patients of different backgrounds.

This vital, one-of-a-kind training experience:

  • Reinforces the basics of primary care pediatrics,
  • Ensures a rich diversity of experience with different patient populations and a variety of private practices,
  • Teaches the business aspects of pediatric practice, and
  • Provides the experience of working side-by-side with a "real-life" private pediatrician.

"The PECS program gives residents an opportunity to gain experience outside of the traditional hospital-based clinic. With PECS, they can longitudinally co-manage patients in a community-based primary care or sub specialist setting. This is often an enlightening and/or re-affirming experience for residents that will impact their eventual career choices and how they will view their colleagues."

-Thomas Pommering, DO FAAFP
OPECS Preceptor

"Our office really enjoys having OPECS Residents.  We have done it for several years.   It is our chance to give back to a profession we love. Our office is set up very differently  from the clinical experience they have through the Hilltop Clinic.  Our patient base is from a different socioeconomic group, and therefore the demands as far as practice techniques and the private insurance billing requirements are also very different.  The Residents are very often surprised about the questions they are expected to answer from highly educated and well informed parents. They have often commented they learn a different aspect of practice through OPECS.  In turn, we really enjoy the up to date information they are able to give us.  They have many more current experiences with subspecialties than we do. Their enthusiasm is contagious!"

-Maureen Kollar, DO
OPECS Preceptor

Residents in Schools Initiative

Our Residents in Schools Initiative is truly unique among traditional residency training programs. In this initiative residents teach second-, third- and fourth-grade students about health care challenges of the future – the "new morbidities" such as obesity, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. These health issues are behaviorally based and can be influenced in schools by education and prevention efforts. Residents will:

  • Provide students and their families with information to improve health and foster healthy choices,
  • See first-hand children's needs and the community resources that are available to address them,
  • Work with teachers to evaluate and manage learning and behavioral problems, and
  • Promote access to primary care and health services.

"I love the RISI Program! The lessons have excellent structure and great models and visuals. My students are so fortunate to develop these understandings about their body and how it works. An added bonus is that the students get a chance to clear up misconceptions they have and ask their really important question to an expert. I love how my students get out their notebooks and copy down important notes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great program. Dr. Hampton is the best!"

"The RISI Program is a win-win proposition for all involved. It is well-organized, excellent presentation, format and delivery and terrific on-going, standards-based practice support for Health Education in the schools. Participation in the program builds valuable relationships and furthers essential communication skills between the residents and the students. Again, a win-win situation. Thank you!"

"Wow! What an outstanding program! It is very enjoyable and educational for kids. One of the things I like best about the program is how actively engaged the students are in each lesson. Playing education games and hands-on activities (i.e. Looking at slides in a microscope) are excellent ways for students to learn. Even my students who can be hard to manage were always looking forward to our doctor friends coming in!"

"I found all of the doctors to be extremely engaging and informative. My students really enjoyed talking with all of you and they learned a lot of health content!"

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