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Rehabilitation Patient Stories

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, we realize that emotional support is every bit as important as medical treatment. That’s why we want you to meet some of our rehabilitation patients, who, like you, are dealing with daily challenges.

Max and Makeya's Story

Kaylee's Story

Strokes happen to children, too. In fact, 7% of the patients receiving care on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital suffered from a stroke. In December 2010, 12-year-old Kaylee became one of them.

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Keith’s Story

Keith Hackworth suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a gunshot wound to his back.  He was transferred from Georgia to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Nationwide Children’s in April 2015.
Keith's Story Keith spent 25 days undergoing intensive physical and occupational therapy, working diligently with doctors and nurses to learn what it takes to live life independently in a wheelchair. His mother was incredibly supportive, and very much a part of the rehab process with the hope for Keith to learn how to live on his own and be a productive member of society. 
Pictured above is Keith with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

Trevor's Story

The day Trevor suffered a spinal cord stroke started like any other day. Learn how Rehabilitation at Nationwide Children's Hospital helped him recover. 

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Savanna's Story

A car accident left Savanna unable to walk and talk. With her family by her side, she immediately began intensive rehabilitation at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the journey towards recovery.

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Rachel's Story 

Photo of rehabilitation patients, Rachel and Ryan, with rehabilitation dog, AnsleyRachel Barezinsky suffered a severe, penetrating traumatic brain injury in 2006 when a bullet pierced her head, nearly ending her life. Part of Rachel’s recovery included Inpatient Rehabilitation at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Rachel’s faith and courage continue to be an inspiration to many. Her story provided hope and encouragement for patients like Ryan (pictured here with Rachel), a 16-year-old who was involved in a motor vehicle crash resulting in a severe brain injury and bone fractures. Rachel shared her own experiences and humor to facilitate his success in Rehabilitation.

In January 2011, Rachel was featured in an ABC News story, “Living Miracles: Survivors of Gunshots to the Head.” Her story also appeared in People magazine in February 2011, in a story about miraculous recoveries, and was covered by WOSU radio in, "Columbus Woman Overcomes Gunshot Wound To The Head."

To learn more about Rachel Barezinsky, follow her journey through “Rachel's Story.”

Pictured above is Rachel when she visited the Rehabilitation Unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2008. She spent time with Ryan, a fellow Rehab graduate, and Ansley, Rehab’s therapy dog.

Meet Sophie

Sophie Sheridan was a happy, healthy 8 year-old.  While on vacation with her family, she started to experience difficulty breathing, especially lying down.  As the Sheridan’s drove home to Columbus from Georgia, Sophie’s condition worsened.  Her parents decided rather than waiting to talk to their doctor in the morning, they would take her to Nationwide Children's Hospital’s emergency department.

Sophie had developed cardiomyopathy as a result of myocarditis, a virus that attacked her healthy heart.  Normally a virus would result in a cold, or feeling achy and uncomfortable for a few days. But in Sophie’s case, the virus attacked the muscle of her heart which led to severe heart failure.

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Within a few hours of her admission to the ER, Sophie was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and within 24 hours, she was on ECMO – special equipment that helped Sophie’s damaged heart rest.  Sophie had emergency heart surgery shortly after that, followed by a heart transplant six weeks later. Today, Sophie loves to read and play with her sisters.  She checks in with her cardiologists and therapists at Nationwide Children's Hospital on a regular basis, and she is making remarkable progress on all fronts.



Meet Marcyana and Learn About Her Brain Tumor Surgery
When a scan revealed Marcyana had a large tumor, Neurosurgeons at Nationwide Children's knew they had to operate. Unfortunately, Marcyana's tumor was in her brainstem -- one of the most difficult places to operate.

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