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Driving for Patient Champion, Laynie 

Birthdate: Sept. 23, 1983
Hometown: Cato, New York
Resides: Denver, Colorado
Hobbies: Snowboarding, video games, watching hockey games
Twitter: @ReganSmith
Team: JR Motorsports

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Meet Laynie

Hometown: Kingston, Ohio
Age: 9
Diagnosis: Dystonia

When Laynie was 8 months old, she was absolutely adorable. What she was not, though, was a baby who could crawl. In fact, her body would stiffen up so much her parents wouldn’t be able to pry her legs and hands apart. Her pediatrician referred her to Dr. Jorge Vidaurre at the Neurology Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital. It was there she was diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions. 

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Laynie has remained under Dr. Vidaurre’s care for 8 years now and has also been seen in many other areas of Nationwide Children's Hospital. “No matter what obstacle has been placed in front of her, she has overcome it with the help from the wonderful doctors you have on staff,” says Laynie’s mom, Kim. “Nationwide Children's Hospital means everything to us! It gives us a peace of mind. To the parents of a child that will have battles the rest of her life, Nationwide Children's is a blessing.”
When you meet Laynie, it’s hard to believe that this 9-year-old girl faces battles of any kind. She takes medication 5 times a day just to be able to try to keep up. Her adorable freckles and big smile hide the fact that sometimes she cries because her legs hurt after doing something that most people take for granted, like gym class or walking in the mall. 
And Laynie does love the mall. She is a fashion icon who loves to sparkle and shine. The more sequins and glitter the better. She loves music and singing. She can sing anything from the Star Spangled Banner to a Miranda Lambert song. She is a top student at school and when she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian and own a cupcake bakery shop.
And she will do it too.  “Laynie has dystonia and a great group of support in Dr. Vidaurre and Nationwide Childrens Hospital. Dystonia doesn't have Laynie!” says Kim. “Laynie never lets anything or anyone get her down. Her hands will tighten up and her arms will have tremors, but she won’t let it stop her.” 
Laynie doesn’t want dystonia to stop other kids either.  She and her family are excited about participating in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 which raises funds for Nationwide Children's Hospital and helps kids like her everywhere. And don’t let the glitter, sequins and sparkles fool you. Laynie is also excited about Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 because she is a huge NASCAR fan!

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