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Driving for Patient Champion, Hannah Hiller

Regan SmithBirthdate: Sept. 23, 1983
Hometown: Cato, N.Y.
Resides: Evergreen, Colo.
Wife: Megan
Hobbies: Snowboarding, fishing, golf, video games, watching Hockey
Twitter: @ReganSmith

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Meet Hannah

Hometown: Guilford, North Carolina
Age: 6
Diagnosis: Cleft Lip

At their very first ultrasound, Hannah’s parents discovered that she would be born with a cleft lip. While they were nervous to learn that their daughter would be born with a defect, they were fortunate that Hanna’s lip could be repaired by surgery.

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Hannah’s first surgery was performed by Dr. Richard Kirschner at a hospital in Pennsylvania. They were so pleased with his work that when Dr. Kirschner left the hospital in Pennsylvania and came to Nationwide Children’s, the Hillers knew they would follow him.

The Hiller family has made the trip from Guilford, North Carolina to Columbus, Ohio three times, once for consultation, once for surgery, and once for a follow-up appointment. They still have stress and uncertainty knowing that Hannah still faces more surgeries in the future, but are grateful to have Nationwide Children’s Hospital to rely on when that time comes.

Hannah is a healthy and happy 6 year old who wants to be a doctor – and a pop star – when she grows up. To her parents, she is a ray of sunshine.


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