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GSK-3α Plasmids

GSK-3β Plasmids

Methylation-related Plasmids

  • Dnmt3a2 pCAGEN
  • Dnmt3a2 WT promoter pCR8GW
  • Dnmt3a2 NMyc mut promoter pCR8GW
  • Dnmt3a2 WT promoter pGLF
  • Dnmt3a2 NMyc mut promoter pGLF

Cloning Plasmids

  •  pcDNATM-DEST47 (C-terminal GFP tag)
  • pcDNATM-DEST53 (N-terminal GFP tag)
  • pDESTTM26 (N-terminal 6xHis tag)
  • pDESTTM27 (N-terminal GST tag)
  • pBAD-DEST49 (Bacterial Expression)
  • pcDNATM-DEST40 (C-terminal V5 6xHis tag)
  • pCAGEN-GW (chicken β-actin promoter, untagged)pCS2+GW (Gateway® Compatible destination vector)
  • pMACS Kk II-GW (Gateway® Compatible destination vector for use with Miltenyi Biotec magnetic bead enrichment of transfected mammalian cells)
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