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PediatricsOnline  |  February 2017

Evaluating and Treating Pediatric Lower Back Pain in the Primary Care Setting

While pediatric training often focuses on etiology, recent studies have found that most cases of lower back pain in school-aged children have no definitive diagnosis and are benign and self-limiting.

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Treating Febrile Seizures in Infants and Young Children

Learn about the classification of febrile seizures, when to send to the Emergency Department and when to refer.


Should Hormone Therapy be Considered for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Families worry when children with autism spectrum disorder display inappropriate sexual behaviors, but specialists say hormonal suppression should not be the first-line approach.
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Local Learning Health System Model Demonstrates High-Quality Patient Care While Reducing Costs

Local systems start with the integration of research, clinical care and quality improvement within a specific health service and then use the knowledge gained to systematically deliver quality improvement and cost savings.
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