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PediatricsOnline  |  August 2017

Which Lab Tests are Needed for Infants Born to Mothers Infected With Hep C?

J. Robert Honegger, MD, of Infectious Diseases, answers this question, as well as the best timing for ordering Hepatitis C Virus lab tests.

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Adnexal Torsion: Recognizing This Gynecological Emergency

Adnexal torsion, the twisting of the ovary and sometimes the fallopian tube, is an emergency difficult to diagnose. Get resources to help recognize the condition.
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Children With Brain Disorders Need Specialized Executive Function Testing

Patients with traumatic brain injury, brain tumors and arterial ischemic stroke show strengths and weaknesses in different executive function domains, and a simple physical examination may not detect them.
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How to Advocate for Patients with Legislators

Steve Allen, MD, CEO of Nationwide Children's, says health care professionals should reach out to government officials to advocate for patients, and he suggests the best ways of doing it.
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