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Ambulatory Satisfaction Scores

Nationwide Children's Hospital collects patient satisfaction information about our ambulatory surgery services. Surveys are randomly distributed to one of every four families that experience ambulatory surgery care.

The survey asks patients and their families to rate the care they received on the scale below:

  • 5 = Very Good
  • 4 = Good
  • 3 = Fair
  • 2 = Poor
  • 1 = Very Poor

Our goal is to achieve a perfect score of 5 on all surveys. While we have not yet achieved this very high goal for ourselves, we promise to work continuously to improve our performance so that ALL of our patients and their families will feel we deserve a score of 5.

Ambulatory Surgery Patient Satisfaction Survey Responses
Survey Questions - On a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good), how would you rate the ambulatory surgery care received in the following areas? January - March 2014
Registration NCH Goal = 5.0
If you spoke with the Surgery Unit staff by phone, helpfulness of the person you spoke with 4.6
Ease of getting an appointment for your child's surgery when you wanted 4.2
Information you received prior to your child's surgery (i.e. time of surgery, how to prepare) 4.5
Helpfulness of the person at the registration desk 4.5
Nursing NCH Goal = 5.0
Friendliness/courtesy of the nurses 4.8
Skill of the nurse starting the IV 4.6
Information nurses gave you on the day of your child's procedure 4.6
Nurses' concern for your child's comfort after the procedure 4.7
Nurses' courtesy towards your family 4.7
Information nurses gave you after your child's surgery or procedure 4.6
Instructions nurses gave about caring for your child at home 4.6
Your confidence in the skill of the nurses 4.7
Physician NCH Goal = 5.0
Friendliness /courtesy of the physician 4.7
Explanation the physician gave you about what the surgery or procedure would be like 4.6
Information the physician provided about what was done during your child's surgery or procedure 4.7
Your confidence in the skill of the physicians 4.9
Your physician(s) treated you with respect and dignity 4.8
Facility NCH Goal = 5.0
Comfort of the registration waiting area 4.4
Comfort of your child's room in the Surgery Unit 4.2
Comfort of the waiting area for your family 4.4
Attractiveness of the Surgery Unit 4.4
Cleanliness of the Surgery Unit 4.6
Personal Issues NCH Goal = 5.0
Waiting time before your child's surgery or procedure began 3.6
Information provided about delays (if your child experienced any delays 4.0
Our concern for your child's privacy 4.7
Degree to which your child's pain was controlled 4.6
Response to concerns/complaints made during your child's visit 4.6
Anesthesia/Anesthesiologist NCH Goal = 5.0
Courtesy and friendliness of the Anesthesiologist 4.7
Overall Assessment NCH Goal = 5.0
Overall rating of care received during your child's visit 4.7
Degree to which staff worked together to care for your child 4.8
Likelihood of your recommending Nationwide Children's Surgery to others 4.7
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