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Orthopedics Research and Innovation

The Orthopedics team at Nationwide Children's is committed to identifying new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases and conditions. The following is some of the ground-breaking work and techniques our surgeons, clinicians and researchers are investigating.

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Medical stories, clinical case studies, research announcements and other news from the Orthopaedics Department.

Eliminating Surgical Site Infections in Spinal Fusion Operations
During streak of 1,110+ days without infection, patients have benefited from intense focus on prevention.

Reducing Orthopedic Trauma Surgeries Performed After Hours
Flexible on-call schedules allow almost all operative cases to be handled during fully-staffed times.

Using MRI to Define Norms for the Pediatric Patellofemoral Joint
Measurement techniques used in adults can be applied to children.

Expanding Hand and Upper Extremity Care
With the addition of orthopedic surgeon, Julie Samora, MD, the Nationwide Children’s hand program will have an even greater focus on developing the knowledge and techniques to advance the field of upper extremity care.

Magnetic Growing Rods Reduce Invasive Procedures For Pediatric Scoliosis Patients
The MAGEC™ system provides a good alternative to traditional manually adjusted growing rods.

Bladder Exstrophy Associated with Hip Dysplasia
Study raises the question of whether conditions are tied together naturally or the result of an early surgical procedure.

Acetabular “Fleck” Sign Predictive of Labral Avulsion
A “fleck” sign on the postreduction CT scan is call for high suspicion of labral pathology, even in cases of congruent closed reductions.

Knee Alignment Problems Linked to Obesity in Teenagers
New research shows that obesity is associated with altered knee alignment in adolescents, which may lead to higher risk of osteoarthritis later in life.

Identifying Bilateral Juvenile Osteochondritis Dissecans
Why more hospitals should evaluate children with single osteochondritis dissecans knee lesions for bilateral OCD.

Research Studies

Clinical researchers in Orthopedics are committed to identifying new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases, taking research discoveries from the lab to the patient's bedside.

Any current research studies related to Orthopedics being conducted at Nationwide Children's Hospital will be listed below.

MicroDystrophin Gene Transfer Clinical Trial for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

Phase 1 Gene Transfer Clinical Trial for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1

APPLES Research Study: A Soft Constraint Parent-Directed Therapy for Infants and Toddlers 9-27 Months

Anesthesia during neurophysiologic monitoring in scoliosis patients: volatile agents versus total intravenous anesthesia

Featured Case Study

Acute, Unstable SCFE Managed Via a Modified Dunn Procedure

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