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Nephrology Research and Innovation

In addition to providing outstanding clinical care, members of the Section of Nephrology conduct research to improve patient outcomes. Read below to get the latest research updates.

Members of the Section of Nephrology also participate in the Nephrology and Urology Research Affinity Group (NURAG). NURAG is composed of medical faculty, residents and fellows from the Nephrology and Urology programs at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. NURAG also includes members of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s whose research projects focus on the fields of nephrology, urology and associated disciplines.

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Developing Better Clinical Trials in Pediatric Nephrology
Researchers, drug companies and others have formed the Therapeutics Development Committee through the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology – and are learning how to work together to bring therapies to patients.

New Targets for Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment?
Discoveries about the mechanisms of podocyte injury may lead to treatments not previously considered.

Making Bone Fragility Treatment Easier for the Patient
A metabolic bone clinic’s shift to one-dose zoledronic acid saves time and trouble for children with osteoporosis and their families.

A “Diagnostic Dilemma” in Severe Post-Strep Glomerulonephritis
Some atypical cases of pediatric poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis can mimic lupus nephritis and be so severe that hemodialysis is required.

Why Do Some Children Have Kidney Scarring After Infection?
A new mouse model may help physician-researchers better understand why scarring occurs after urinary tract infection and how to prevent it.

Acute Kidney Injury a Major Complication of Nephrotic Syndrome in Children
AKI is more common in these children than previously realized, according to a study from the Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium.

When Does Vesicoureteral Reflux Lead to UTI?
The number of copies of an antimicrobial peptide gene is associated with risk of a VUR patient developing UTI, potentially helping doctors screen patients.

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