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At Nationwide Children's Hospital, we realize that emotional support is every bit as important as medical treatment. That’s why we want you to meet some of our families, who, like you, are dealing with the daily challenges of a child with a medical condition.

Meet Blake

Baby Blake had a whole team in place just for him, months before he entered the world. Diagnosed with spina bifida, Blake would need surgery within his first few days of life. Follow Blake's incredible journey home.

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas Metz was born premature at 24 weeks. With the help of the expert care for premature babies at Nationwide Children's, and the love of his amazing parents, Nicholas is now a thriving 2-year old.

Meet Hunter

Hunter was delivered on September 4th, by emergency c-section more than three months before his scheduled due date. He was immediately transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for open heart surgery. He weighed just 2 lbs. 6 oz. at birth and has faced many challenges; most significantly breathing problems associated with his prematurity.

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Hunter has been making steady progress and today is tipping the scales at just over five pounds! Amidst all of this new and scary territory that Hunter’s mother Cassidy is facing, she is also facing it without her husband who was recently been deployed by the military. She is beyond thankful for the support of the staff in the NICU. Although still dependent on a ventilator for breathing and a feeding tube for nutrition, everyone is hopeful that Hunter will have his first trip “home” in early 2012.


Meet Will

Will was born way too early, and his twin brother, Jack, only survived two days. Born at 26 weeks and weighing less than 2 pounds each, their prognosis was grim.

Will’s parents found out halfway through pregnancy that the twin boys had a rare condition called Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. As a result, nutrients were not being evenly distributed between the two and both of their lives were in danger.

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The babies were born extremely prematurely; and little Jack only survived two days.  Will arrived at Nationwide Children's Hospital’s Memorial Tournament Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when he was three weeks old.  He weighed less than two pounds, and his tiny lungs were not developed properly, making breathing on his own impossible.

For the next 6 months Will fought against difficult odds. The skilled physicians at Nationwide Children’s treated his lung disease, common in tiny premature babies, with multiple types of oxygen therapy.

Will just celebrated his second birthday, and he truly is a miracle child.  To watch him in action – a ball of energy – no one would suspect he had to fight for every breath the first several months of his life.  He is outgoing, constantly on the move, and fearless, much to his mother’s dismay at times.  He enjoys preschool and he loves to run, jump, and dance when he hears music.


Meet Amy

Little Amy was born at just 26 weeks gestation, and she weighed only 1.75 pounds.  She was rushed to Nationwide Children's Hospital shortly after her birth, where she spent the first 99 days of her life in the Memorial Tournament Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Amy was one of the first babies we treated using the Small Baby Guidelines.  The specialized care she received from the nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists in the Small Baby Pod was instrumental.

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Now, at 4 years old, Amy has an incredible imagination and zest for life.  She is a busy preschooler who loves to color, sing and play outside.  You would have no idea that four years ago, she was fighting for her life.


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