Meet Ruthie
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Meet Ruthie

Age: 6
Hometown: Powell, Ohio
Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Defect

Ruthie is dynamic and complex. She is completely normal for a kid whose entire 6 years have been anything but normal. She fights every day to keep her place in this world without making it look like she's struggling at all.

She's funny and quick witted. Her smile can light up your day. She has a genuine understanding of the real meaning of life.

She knows what heaven is and has even had conversations with her family about what happens when you go to Heaven. Ruthie recognizes that you can't take your loved ones from earth with you when you go (she even understands that Duck, her favorite stuffed animal can't go). She's wise beyond her years!

If you really know Ruthie, then you truly appreciate the old saying "enjoy today and let tomorrow take care of itself." 

Ruthie enjoys playing outside, riding her bike and swimming. Her favorite foods are mac & cheese, soup, and ice cream.

What does Nationwide Children's mean to Ruthie’s mom? “Hope.”

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