Meet Casper

Meet Casper

Age: 18
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio
Diagnosis: High Triglycerides

Casper was referred to Nationwide Childrens Hospital for elevated Triglycerides - 3 times higher than normal. He was at high risk for a heart attack at the young age of 17.

He was enrolled into the Healthy Weight and Nutrition program and then into the New U program where they taught Casper how to incorporate activity and healthy eating into his lifestyle.

Casper has lost 80 pounds since he started this program in June 2014. He now attends a gym, has improved his strength, and has more than doubled his laps for the Cardio Pacer test. He has also improved on the number of planks, sit ups, push-ups, burpees (full body exercise) that he can do at one time. Casper has inspired other members of the family to make healthier eating choices.

Casper is a video gamer. He used to play video games all the time. Now he exercises at the gym and throws the ball with his cousins.

He likes to run, hike, ride bikes, marching band and concert band. He also enjoys biology and building computers. He would like to be a game designer when he grows up.

What does Nationwide Children's mean to Casper’s mom?

“Nationwide Children's means that I have a healthier son and a healthier family. Children's has taught the whole family to be more active and to eat healthier. Nationwide Children's has saved my son's life. His family physician had told him with his cholesterol out of control that he was at jeopardy of having a heart attack. Thanks for saving my son and the rest of the family in the process.”


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