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(From the November 2014 Issue of MedStat)

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Stem Cell Therapies as Potential Treatment Options for Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Two of the most promising therapies for the treatment of intestinal injuries such as necrotizing enterocolitis — the leading cause of death in premature babies — involve stem cells, according to numerous studies published by clinician-scientists at Nationwide Children’s. The potential treatments include transplantation of either neural stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells in combination with heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor. The latest research on these therapies, published in the journals Stem Cell Research & Therapy and the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, offers additional support for the ongoing clinical investigations into stem cells led by Gail E. Besner, MD, chief of pediatric surgery at Nationwide Children’s.

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Suppression of Adaptive Immune Response Occurs Within 48 Hours of Sepsis for Critically Ill Children
For the first time, a study published in Critical Care has found that children with septic shock demonstrate adaptive immune suppression within 48 hours of the onset of sepsis, suggesting that adaptive immune suppression, in addition to innate immune suppression, may be part of the immune system’s early response to septic shock. These findings, led by Jennifer Muszynski, MD, a principal investigator in the Center for Clinical and Translational Research in The Research Institute and a critical care physician at Nationwide Children’s, are important for developing targeted therapies to restore immune function in the ICU for both adults and children with sepsis.

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Partial Kidney Removal Unnecessary for Certain Duplex Anomalies
Children with duplex anomalies of the kidneys may benefit from a more conservative surgical treatment than partial organ removal, according to a study published in the Journal of Pediatric Urology by Daryl McLeod, MD, MPH, urologist, and V. Rama Jayanthi, MD, chief of Urology, at Nationwide Children’s. Even when the upper portion of the duplex kidney functions poorly, their findings indicate that ureteroureterostomy (UU) may effectively correct ureteral blockages — sparing children a riskier operation without negatively affecting the lower kidney.

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