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(From the August 2014 Issue of MedStat)

Preeclampsia May Share Cause with Disorders Such as Alzheimer’s
New research has identified a potential cause of and a better diagnostic method for preeclampsia, one of the most deadly and poorly understood pregnancy-related conditions in the world. The international team, led by researchers at Nationwide Children’s, discovered that the disease may result from a collection of protein mishaps like those associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Their findings, released by Science Translational Medicine, have already led to an affordable, fast and accurate urine test that could revolutionize the diagnosis of preeclampsia in resource-poor nations.

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Immune Function Predicts Infection Risk Among Child Trauma Patients
Researchers studying critically ill children with traumatic injuries have identified an immune marker that predicts which patients are likely to develop a hospital-acquired infection. The study was led by clinician-scientists at Nationwide Children’s and published online in the journal Shock. It is part of several larger efforts that could lead to the clinical implementation of quick-turnaround immune function tests and treatments to prevent or reverse immune system damage following critical illness or injury in pediatric patients. Hospital-acquired, or nosocomial, infections pose a threat to any patient, but people who have suffered a traumatic injury have the highest risk of all, says Mark W. Hall, MD, senior author of the new study and division chief of Critical Care Medicine at Nationwide Children’s.

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