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Policy Update for Research Expense Cost Transfers

(From the February 2017 issue of Research Now)

The Cost Transfer Policy and Request Form have been updated for Research expense cost transfers. The Policy and Form can be found on ANCHOR or by clicking the hyperlinks. The policy is now less restrictive and the procedures have been streamlined. Please see below for a summary of the changes.

  • Reduced Restrictions – the policy and procedure now only applies to transfers to external cost centers. Transfers to internal cost centers can be made by your senior accountant and do not require the cost transfer form.
  • Streamlined Process – the form is now electronic. Digital PI signatures allow for the form to be routed without the need for a printed copy.
  • Trend Analysis – new tracking tools have been implemented to quickly identify areas where additional training/guidance may be needed.

If you have any questions about this policy or the procedures, please contact your RBC or Joe Powell, Research Accounting Manager,

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