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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Updates

(From the June 2015 Issue of MedStat)

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The following actions were taken at the May 7 Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee meeting.

Clinic medication stock lists for Pulmonary Clinic and Nephrology Clinic were APPROVED.

The Pyxis Override List for Dublin Special Care Nursery was APPROVED.

A Six-month Formulary Review for chlorpromazine was presented. Chlorpromazine was APPROVED for maintenance on the Formulary.

A Six-month Formulary Review for perphenazine was presented. Perphenazine was APPROVED for maintenance on the Formulary.

A Medication Use Evaluation of our previous non-formulary use of tamsulosin (Flomax®) was presented. Tamsulosin was added to Formulary in March 2015. Sixy-nine inpatients (ages 3 to 45 years, mean 15 years of age) received tamsolusin between October 5, 2008 and December 31, 2014.  The most common indications included kidney stones (53.6%), urethral obstruction (17.4%), and urethral stones (5.8%).  Tamsulosin was prescribed by a variety of services with Urology (34.8%), Hospital Pediatrics (27.5%), and Emergency Medicine (10.1%) being more common.  Tamsulosin was most commonly dosed at 0.4mg by mouth once daily (84.1%), followed by 0.2mg by mouth once daily (14.5%) which required opening of the 0.4mg capsule and administering a partial dose.  No safety concerns were noted upon retrospective chart review.  Tamsulosin was APPROVED to remain on the Formulary, and a review of Formulary use will be presented in 6 months.

Previous Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Lipid-based Amphotericin B Products were reviewed and REMOVED from the list of P&T-approved Medication Use Guidelines.  Conventional amphotericin B deoxycholate remains the preferred formulation in the neonatal population and for bladder irrigations only.

For informational purposes only:

The 1st Quarter 2015 Non-Formulary Medication Usage Report was presented.

The revised draft of PFC Policy XI-35:25 Medication Administration: Intramuscular, Subcutaneous, and Intradermal was reviewed.  Feedback was given by the P&T Committee for further revisions and presentation to the Patient Family Care Policy Committee.

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