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New COI Reporting and Review System to Launch in January 2017

(From the January 2017 issue of Research Now)

On January 16, 2017, researchers will begin to use a new eCOI System in eTRAC. The new eCOI System will consolidate the conflict of interest (COI) collection across Nationwide Children’s Hospital and streamline the research COI disclosure process. The new eCOI System has the following enhancements:

  • Annually, researchers will complete an COI disclosure certification form (“COI Form”). Unlike the old system, the new eCOI System will not require the researcher to review/update the COI Form each time the researcher is added to a grant or study.
  • Researchers who also completed paper COI Forms for other reasons (e.g. as a manager or physician) will no longer need to complete a separate COI Form.  
  • Required COI education is built into the eCOI System. The system will notify you when your education is due (every four years).

While the system does eliminate redundant completion of the COI Form, researchers are required, under policy and NIH regulations, to maintain an up-to-date COI Form. Newly acquired financial interests are required to be added to the COI Form within 30 days of acquiring the new interest. Please review the Research Conflict of Interest Policy for additional information. 

To prepare for the transition to the new system, please download a copy of your current COI Form, so you have your current disclosures available to you when completing the new COI Form. The information from your old COI Form will NOT transfer to the new system. Click “Printer Version” on your current eCOI page to download or print a copy of the current COI Form.

For more information, visit Corporate Compliance on ANCHOR, and search for “Conflict of Interest.”

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