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(From the March 2016 Issue of MedStat)

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Researchers Find Features to Accurately Distinguish Adenovirus from Kawasaki Disease in Children

Kawasaki disease (KD) is a rare but serious condition in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels, specifically the coronary arteries. Diagnosis for KD, which is the most common cause of pediatric acquired heart disease in the developed world, is difficult as there are many other common illnesses that can resemble KD and there is no confirmatory test for diagnosis. Preeti Jaggi, MD, in the Section of Infectious Diseases at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and a multidisciplinary team demonstrated that specific features of Kawasaki disease differentiate it from adenovirus in pediatric patients. Eunkyung Song, MD, fellow in the Section of Infectious Diseases, was first author of the study, which was published in The Journal of Pediatrics.

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Nationwide Children’s Receives $540,000 Grant to Help Students Experience Science in Action

The National Institutes of Health recently awarded a five-year $540,000 grant to a team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to support the Futures Matter Program, a 10-week, paid summer research experience for 20 high school sophomores and juniors on the campus of The Research Institute. The program is designed to encourage students to consider careers in maternal and child health research, and more than 25 researchers from Nationwide Children’s will serve as mentors to the students in five interdisciplinary teams. Irina Buhimschi, MD, director of the Center for Perinatal Researchin The Research Institute, is the lead scientist for the grant, and Katie Campbell, manager of Research Education and Development at Nationwide Children’s, is the administrative leader for the program.

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Light Therapy Associated with Shorter Length of Stay for Hospitalized Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) often have respiratory exacerbations that lead to hospitalizations. Clinician-researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have shown over the last several years that these hospitalized CF patients have a high incidence of depressive symptoms associated with longer lengths of stay. As a follow-up to his team’s 2013 study showing reduced levels of light exposure while hospitalized, Benjamin Kopp, MD, a member of the Section of Pulmonary Medicine at Nationwide Children’s, led a recent pilot trial that demonstrates decreased depressive symptoms and improved quality of life for hospitalized CF patients after light therapy, an inexpensive and widely-available treatment. Both the 2013 study and the pilot trial were published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

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