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IMPACT Program

(From the January 2014 issue of Research Now)

Have you ever thought, “It seems wasteful when we…”? What about, “We should be doing this at Nationwide Children’s!”? If so, here’s your chance to develop and submit your ideas: Nationwide Children’s IMPACT program.

The program gives you the opportunity to submit suggestions for improving processes in your work environment AND be rewarded based on your effort and results. Individual awards range from movie tickets to PTO, and up to $3,000 toward educational opportunities such as training, conferences, workshops, continuing education or materials.

The program is administered by Business Process Improvement (BPI) and overseen by the IMPACT Steering Committee. The Research Institute’s committee representative is Will Chinn.

How it works:

  1. As an individual or team, submit your idea for a process improvement project in your area to Business Process Improvement (BPI), using the ANCHOR form.
  2. A BPI coach will be assigned to your project and will contact you to gather more information on your project and to recommend key contacts, resources, benchmarking opportunities, etc. If you have already completed the project and are reporting it “after the fact,” your BPI coach will contact you regarding the results of your project.
  3. The IMPACT Steering Committee will review all projects to avoid duplication of efforts and to make you aware of any broader initiatives that may impact your project.
  4. You and your team will pursue management approval to spend time on the project, assess the current process, recommend alternatives, get approval to make changes and implement those changes, with ongoing support from your BPI coach. Depending on the complexity, some IMPACT ideas take only a few hours to implement; others, take months.
  5. Upon completion of the project, you will present your results to the IMPACT Steering Committee for review. Depending on the results of the project an appropriate award will be determined.
  6. You and your team will be recognized for your efforts at an IMPACT Celebration. Your project may be photographed or videotaped for internal promotion.
  7. You are encouraged to look for opportunities to share your process changes with other applicable areas.


Innovation and process improvement are at the core of research – we know there are several of these projects currently under development, submit them now so your efforts can be acknowledged.

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Business Process Improvement Department

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