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Featured Clinic: Neonatal and Infant Feeding Disorders Program

(From the August 2014 Issue of MedStat)

The Neonatal and Infant Feeding Disorders Program at Nationwide Children’s is dedicated to improving the quality of life for infants through the development of personalized, feeding management strategies based on research. Our advanced care optimizes the outcomes for infants with feeding disorders, allowing them to go home sooner, while lowering readmission rates. Oral feeding is often difficult for babies hospitalized in NICUs and current techniques used to evaluate neonatal feeding disorders are largely subjective. In response to this growing difficulty, our physician-scientists including Sudarshan R. Jadcherla, MD, FRCP(I), DCH, Manish Malkar, MD, and Hayat M. Mousa, MD, are using innovative approaches to find and treat the cause of feeding difficulty in developing infants. Our program is the only one of its kind, testing the sensory-motor aspects of reflexes in premature infants in activity or sleep, and in health or in disease. The Feeding Disorders Program involves specialists from Cardiology, Clinical Nutrition and Lactation, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Gastroenterology, Sleep Medicine and Radiology.

To make a referral: Our program cares for babies between newborn and 6 months of age that are presently inpatients, or have recently been released from other NICUs and demonstrate the following conditions: born prematurely, BPD, acid reflux (GERD), suspected gastrointestinal motility problems, swallowing problems or perinatal neurological illness. To make a referral, call the Physician Direct Connect Line toll free at (877) 355-0221.

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