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Documenting That the OARRS Report has been Checked

(From the July 2014 Issue of MedStat)

Regulatory Corner

Please note: this message is for physicians who practice at main campus.

In this issue of MedStat, a detailed summary of the OARRS reporting requirement (PDF) is described. But where is this information documented? How can you determine if one of your colleagues has checked a patient’s OARRS report recently? The answers to these questions can be found in the patient’s Epic Snapshot. Open Snapshot, and look at the “Specialty Comments” on the right-hand side. Documentation by a specialist in your section will be the default; however, if you click “Show all,” comments from other physicians will be displayed. If you wish to add a comment about a patient’s OARRS report, simply click “Edit” and select the OARRS smartphrase. The text will read:

Reviewed Ohio Automated RX Reporting System (OARRS) {OARRS List 20180}
[select either: No Abnormal Prescribing noted, Abnormal Prescribing Noted, or Pertinent Findings include *** ]
By [Physician Name, Date & Time]

Complete the documentation by clicking ACCEPT.

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