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CPP Celebrates 30 Years of Advocating for Pediatricians

(From the October 2015 Issue of MedStat)

Children's Practicing Pediatricians (CPP) is an independent nonprofit medical association established by pediatricians on the medical staff of Nationwide Children's Hospital. Established in 1985, CPP is focused on serving and advocating on behalf of primary care physicians in central Ohio. The organization began as an endeavor to support central Ohio pediatricians and is now celebrating its 30th anniversary year.

Through the years, CPP has embarked on a number of initiatives focused on providing advocacy, education, resources and group purchase services to practicing pediatricians in central Ohio. Early on, CPP fostered a strong professional bond with Nationwide Children's Hospital for the purpose of offering the highest standard of pediatric care for Central Ohio children. A recent example of this bond is CPP’s collaboration with Nationwide Children’s to develop CAP4Kids Columbus, a website that connects children and families as well as health care professionals to respected social service organizations in the Columbus community. The website now houses more than 1,300 resources for families and was visited more than 100,000 times in 2014.

CPP also has a long history of collaborating with the Ohio Local Chapter and National American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). For many years the CPP Board of Directors has reviewed and approved purchases of AAP publications, toolkits and online resources like Pediatric Care Online at no cost to its membership. CPP has also taken an active role in collaborating with organizations that support children by making charitable donations to groups like the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Ohio AAP.

Another valuable program CPP developed over the years is the CPP Vaccine Group Purchase Program. It includes discounts and rebates on the complete range of childhood and adolescent vaccines. In addition to the financial benefits, CPP offers vaccine support to member practices to include financial analysis, billing and coding guides, and vaccine storage grants.

According to CPP’s President Darryl A. Robbins, DO, “While it is remarkable that the buying group has grown to be one of the largest physician group purchase organizations in the nation, we are most inspired by the fact that CPP has been able to participate in helping our members’ unwavering efforts to administer literally millions of vaccines to protect our children from debilitating diseases.”

Many of the educational resources that CPP offers to its members have been developed with the valuable feedback of its Board of Directors and Office Manager Network. The members of these groups share practice management information, clinical resources and best practices with the goal of learning as much from one another as they can. “I am so inspired by the way our member practice physician and manager leaders support and work with one another to improve the care for children in our community and I’m very excited to see how CPP will support its members over the next 30 years!” offers CPP’s Executive Director, Frank Combs.

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