Medical Professional Publications

2013 Research Retreat Poster & Abstract Winners

Congratulations to this year’s Poster Winners and the Abstract (Oral Presentation) Winners! All received a $250 Academic Enrichment Award.



James Fitch – White Lab/Microbial Pathogenesis
Abstract # 29: Ultrafast Analysis of the 1,000 Genomes Project in the Cloud with Churchill

Laura Novotny – Bakaletz Lab/Microbial Pathogenesis
Abstract # 53: Transcutaneous Immunization is Effective Against Chronic Otitis Media

Graduate Students

Shibi Likhite – Kaspar Lab/Gene Therapy
Abstract # 105: Therapeutic AAV9-Mediated Downregulation of Mutant S0D1 Extends Survival in Models of Inherited ALS

Catherine Dominguez – Chandler Lab/Childhood Cancer
Abstract # 121: RNA Splicing in Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Postdoctoral Fellows

Li Chen – Brigstock Lab/Clinical & Translational
Abstract # 32: Regulation of CCN2 Fibrogenic Pathways by Exosomal MicroRNA

Anirudh Singh – King Lab/Microbial Pathogenesis
Abstract # 70: Mechanism of BgaA Mediated Pneumococcal Adherence

Clinical Fellows

Kirsten Kusumi – Nephrology
Abstract # 96: Osteogenesis Imperfecta Treatment in Infants

Keri Streby – Hematology
Abstract # 114: Oncolytic Viroradiotherapy


Kaivon Assani, Research Assistant – Kopp Lab/ Pulmonary
Autophagy Stimulation via IFN-y Treatment Promotes Clearance of Burkholderia Cenocepacia Infected Human Cystic Fibrosis Macrophages

Elizabeth Brockson, Research Assistant – Bakaletz Lab/Microbial Pathogenesis
Debulking of Biofilms with Anti-IHF

Ashley Frakes, Graduate Student – Kaspar Lab/Gene Therapy
Microglia Induce Motor Neuron Death via the NF-xB Pathway in ALS

Jennifer Leddon, Graduate Student – Cripe Lab/Childhood Cancer
The Tumor Immunologic Microenvironment Influences Antitumor Efficacy of Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virotherapy

Alisha Moreno, Graduate Student – Bauer Lab/ Perinatal
Vascular Injury in Young Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

Kevin Bosse, Postdoctoral Fellow – Garg Lab/Perinatal
Examination of a Highly Penetrant Mouse Model of Bicuspid Aortic Valve Demonstrates the Endothelial Notch1 is Required for Proper Morphogenesis of the Aortic Valve

Daniel Comiskey, Jr., Graduate Student – Chandler Lab/ Childhood Cancer
SC35 and SF2/ASF Modulate Alternative Splicing of MDM2 in Cancer

Jason Duncan, Postdoctoral Fellow – Fu Lab/Gene Therapy
Gener Therapy in MPS IIIA Mice

Lili He, IS Systems Programmer – Parikh Lab/Perinatal
White Matter Signal Abnormalities in Very Preterm Infants Predicts Language and Cognitive Development

Jia Wei, Postdoctoral Fellow – Besner Lab/Surgery
Heparin-Binding EGF-Like Growth Factor and Enteric Neural Stem Cell Transplantation Act Synergistically to Prevent Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolotis

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