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Mary R. Leder, MD

Mary R. Leder, MD

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The Center for Family Safety and Healing
655 E Livingston Ave
Columbus, OH 43205 [ map ]
PH: (614) 722-3279
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M. Ranee Leder, MD, is an attending physician for The Center for Family Safety and Healing at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. She is a member of the Division of Child and Family Advocacy. Her clinical interests include child sexual and physical abuse, particularly the education of professionals, medical and otherwise, on these topics. Her professional interests include resident education and primary care competency of the anogenital examination, as well as use of newer, more sensitive methods for detecting sexually transmitted infections in abuse survivors.


  • Female

Languages Spoken:

  • English

Education and Training

Medical School

  • Wright State University School of Medicine
    Date Completed: 06/13/1992


  • Ohio State University Medical Center
    Date Completed: 06/30/1993


  • Ohio State University Medical Center
    Date Completed: 06/30/1995


  • Boston Children's Hospital
    Date Completed: 06/30/1998


  • Pediatrics


  • Child and Family Advocacy


  • Child Abuse Pediatrics
  • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Pediatrics

Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

  • 12/09/1998


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