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Lilly Lab Staff

Brenda Lilly

Brenda Lilly, PhD, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor

Hobbies include pipetting and designing the perfect experiment.


Megan Lowe, Lilly Lab

Megan Lowe, BS, Research Assistant

Megan hasn't met a challenge she didn't like. Her daily mantra is simply, "Bring it on."

Dwitiya Sawant, PhD, Lilly Lab Postdoctoral Fellow

Dwitiya Sawant, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Under Dwitiya's calm demeanor resides a fully charged energizer bunny.

Former Lab Members

Jeremy Baeten, PhD, Graduate Student, 2012-2016
Jackie Metheny, MS, Research Associate, 2014-2015
Caleb Priest, BS, Research Technician, 2013-2015
Cho-Hao Lin, PhD, Graduate Student, 2011-2015
Ning Zhao, PhD, Graduate Student, 2009-2014
Alyssa Dole, BS, Research Technician, 2012-2013
Alex Hatch, BS, OSU Medical Student, 2012-2013
Mary McAllister, MD, Undergraduate Summer Intern and OSU Medical Student, 2011-2014
Qingqing Wang, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2012
Kara Dreher, BS, Research Technician, 2010-2012
Hua Liu, PhD, Graduate Student, 2005-2010
Simone Kennard, MS, Research Associate, 2005-2010







Dr. Lilly and Ning at graduation

Ning Zhao, PhD

Hua & Simone Front row: Qingqing, Alyssa, Alex, Brenda
Back Row: Jeremy, ChoHoa, Ning

Honorary member

Zenyatta, honorary lab member
HOTY 2010

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