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Jerry R. Mendell, MD, is an attending neurologist at Nationwide Children’s, principal investigator in the Center for Gene Therapy at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s, Director of the Paul D. Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center, Co-director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Clinic, and Professor of Pediatrics, Neurology, Pathology, and Physiology and Cell Biology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Mendell was among the first to test muscle cell transplantation for Duchenne muscular dystrophy in the early 1990’s and the first person to study viral mediated gene therapy for muscular dystrophy in humans. Dr. Mendell has made fundamental contributions in clinical research and in the molecular genetics of neuromuscular disease. He has published major textbooks on the disorders of muscle and peripheral nerves along with more than 300 scientific articles and book chapters. In 2004, Dr. Mendell was awarded the S. Mouchly Small Scientific Achievement Award from the Muscular Dystrophy Association in recognition of his significant contributions to neuromuscular disease research. In 2009 he was presented the Distinguished Scholar Award by the president of The Ohio State University. Dr. Mendell is named among the “Best Doctors in America.”


  • Male

Languages Spoken:

  • English

Research Interests

Research Center:

Areas of Interest:

  • The Mendell Lab is devoted to the development of potential treatments for neuromuscular diseases including Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD). DMD causes progressive muscle weakness that usually confines patients to a wheelchair in their early teens. Limb-girdle muscular dystrophies are a group of at least 13 diseases classified by their disease causing genes. It causes loss of muscle mass and strength in voluntary muscles, mainly those around the hips and shoulders. These diseases are caused by genetic defects that lead to missing or non-functional proteins. This makes gene replacement or gene therapy a good treatment option for these diseases. Our major research goal is successful gene therapy, by replacing genes for DMD and LGMD using adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors to carry a copy of the corrected gene to the muscle cells. In some instances such as the dystrophin gene (the largest gene identified) “mini” and “micro” genes must be used. This can be done by direct injection into muscle (IM) or by way of the blood stream (vascular delivery). Muscular dystrophy can also be treated with follistatin by way of IM injection with adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors to carry the follistatin gene in IBM and BMD. It inhibits myostatin, promoting muscle growth and preventing deterioration of existing muscle. Another therapeutic approach is exon skipping, treating primarily DMD, using synthetic molecules that induce skipping or read-through of the damaged portion of the dystrophin gene. This is a mutation-specific treatment with each molecule designed to skip a certain exon(s). This leads to restoration of the reading frame and production of an internally truncated partially functional dystrophin protein. In addition to developing potential treatments for neuromuscular diseases, the Mendell laboratory also concentrates on the diagnosis and characterization of neuromusclar diseases. The Mendell lab also serves as the diagnostic lab of muscle biopsies for the Anatomic Pathology Department of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We are currently conducting a newborn screening study for DMD with The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and Cincinnati Children's Hospital to identify possible cases in young males in the state of Ohio. The lab also has the resources of the United Dystrophinopathy Project (UDP) available for genetic screening and characterization of dystrophinopathies that cause DMD. The UDP directly sequences the coding and regulatory regions of the dystrophin gene, leading to faster and more specific characterization of mutations of many dystrophinopathy patients. The Mendell lab also has resources here at Nationwide Children's Hospital to identify and sequence other genes that cause muscular dystrophies.

Research Funding*:

  • Diverse Strategies to Correct the Dystrophin Gene Using Vascular Delivery, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • Gentamicin Trial in Duchenne and Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • Implementing Newborn Screening for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to the Community, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Phase I Study of Mini-Dystrophin Gene in AAV, Anonymous/Muscular Dystrophy
    Association, Inc.
  • Early Screening and Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Clinical Thresholds and Gene Transfer in DMD and LGMD, University of Pittsburgh/National Institutes of Health
  • Study for Patients with Becker, Fascioscapulohumoral and Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, Anonymous
  • Study of Mini-Dystrophin Gene in AAV, Anonymous/Muscular Dystrophy
    Association Inc.
  • Vascular Approach to Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy, Children’s National Medical Center/Department of Defense
  • Immunogenicity of Golden Retrievers and Normal Dogs to rAAV Vectors Carrying Mini-Dystrophin, Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Transfer of Alpha-Sarcoglycan Gene to LGMD2D Patients, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc.

Education and Training

Medical School

  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
    Date Completed: 06/30/1966


  • New York Neurological Institute, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
    Date Completed: 06/30/1967


  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center - New York
    Date Completed: 06/30/1969


  • National Institutes of Health
    Date Completed: 06/30/1970


  • National Institutes of Health
    Date Completed: 07/31/1971


  • Pediatrics


  • Neurology


  • Neurology

Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

  • 08/27/2004

Professional Experience


  • Dept of Pediatrics, The Ohio State University, Professor


  • Dept of Pathology, The Ohio State University, Professor


  • Dept of Neurology, The Ohio State University, Kurtz Professor


  • Dept of Neurology, The Ohio State University, Chair


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Awards, Honors and Organizations

  • Presented with the Juanita Curran and Dwight Peters Endowed Chair (2010)
  • Distinguished Scholar Award presented by the president of The Ohio State University (2009)
  • S. Mouchly Small Scientific Achievement Award from the Muscular Dystrophy Association for significant contributions to neuromuscular disease research (2004)
  • Listed, “Best Doctors in America”

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