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Selection Criteria & Application

  1. Applicants must have graduated from a recognized medical, nursing, or other healthcare professional school. No other healthcare professionals are eligible.
  2. License or certificate for practice of medicine or nursing in home country. Send notarized copy of license or certificate, with English translation. Must demonstrate significant pediatric involvement.
  3. Documentation of an academic appointment at a University or teaching hospital. Nurses and other healthcare professionals may submit other evidence of significant teaching responsibilities.
  4. Availability, suitability, and willingness of an appropriate professional at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
  5. Agreement to return to country of origin immediately following completion of the program, and to work there for at least 2 years after return. The scholar must sign a legal agreement to pay back expenses (including overhead and interest) if the scholar does not return or does not work for the full 2 years. No application will be accepted without the signed agreement.
  6. Proposed goals must focus on the scholar’s pediatric clinical issues and the potential to impact children in the home country.
  7. Competence in English language, documentation such as English competency portion of the ECFMG, the TOEFL, an equivalent examination or personal interview by Nationwide Children's Hospital staff or their designees.
  8. Emissary skills, as judged by letters of recommendation and telephone and/or personal interview(s). Each participant is an ambassador for the home institution as well as for the country.
  9. Curriculum vitae illustrating clinical and academic record.
  10. Letters of reference from professional colleagues.
  11. Support of sponsoring organization (employer) in home country. Include a letter from the organization, indicating agreement to employ the scholar upon the scholar's return, and the organization's commitment to working toward goals and outcomes outlined in the application.
  12. Proposed length of program. The duration of the Scholars program is generally 3 months. The applicant's goals, the availability of quality learning experiences and medical mentor/sponsor, and expected impact on health care in the home country, will all be taken into consideration by the selection committee to determine final program length.
  13. Support resources (such as partial or complete financial support) to assure success of the training program.
  14. Children's or OSU references.  While not required, preference is given to applicants who obtain letters of recommendation from Children's Hospital or The Ohio State University staff or faculty, who have spoken or met with the candidate or with other professionals affiliated with Children's Hospital, for example, previous Stecker Scholars.
  15. International Scholars Program Policies

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