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2012 - Interventional Cardiology Quality Outcomes

We’ve cut the annual median radiation dosage in half.

Chart of radiation dosage

To help lower the risk and amounts of exposure of radiation that our patients could potentially absorb, we carefully manage the dosage on a case-by-case basis to keep that exposure as low as possible.

In all radiation-required procedures, the benefit from the procedure should outweigh the potential risk of exposure. Dose management requires careful consideration during the procedure. The Cath Lab always strives to keep doses As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). ALARA reminds us to use the lowest possible dose while completing the procedure safely. “Step Lightly” is an initiative from the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Chart for Volume for Total Interventional Cardiology ProceduresImaging reminding us to always use pediatric-sized doses and to “Step Lightly” on the fluoroscopy pedal.

In The Heart Center, our aim in 2011 was to attain a median dose exposure per case that was ≤ 95 percent of the median dose of 374 mGy from the previous two years. The Cath Lab surpassed this objective by achieving a 2011 median case dosage of 221 mGy, which was 59 percent of the median case dosage in 2009-10. From January 2008 to December 2011, the Cath Lab has reduced the annual median dose of radiation by approximately 50 percent.

2010 - Interventional Cardiology Quality Outcomes

  • Quality improvement and risk adjustment: Participation in national and international quality improvement efforts including C3PO and MAGIC registries.

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