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Hospital Design

When planning for building the nation's largest pediatric expansion, we made sure to take every single detail into consideration. Read below to learn about our new hospital's design elements and the planning and care we took to me make sure we got them right.


Who did we trust when planning the nation’s largest pediatric expansion? You.

Not every expansion project takes into consideration the opinions of those who will be utilizing its space. But ours wasn't just any expansion. And your opinions mattered. You are our experts. Our leaders. So we turned to you for direction and insight on our hospital design.

Through building mock rooms, we gathered your thoughts on what works best for our new main hospital interiors. And what you told us was invaluable.

Take, for instance, our newly designed nurses’ station. We made more than 100 changes to it, with the help of suggestions from our patient care services staff.

Some people may be surprised at the level of attention paid to just one aspect of our new main hospital. But we did it because it matters. And we made the appropriate changes now, so that there wouldn’t be a need to fix it later. We listened. We made adjustments. And with your help, we’re not only growing boldly, but smartly.


When it comes to healing, the journey is just as important as the destination.

Families navigate the city, the state, the country, and sometimes even the globe, to make their way to Nationwide Children’s. Once they’re here, we owe it to them to help find their way to their room, to clinics, to the coffee shop, with ease.

Our new wayfinding system is simply an extension of our advocacy for health and healing. Families follow a clear, uplifting path that promotes wellness by easing stress, anxiety and fear. And because we use color to break the language barrier, we help our non-English speaking families feel more comfortable from the moment they arrive.

With each pathway denoted by color and our animal friends art, and each destination designated by splashes of foliage, families will find their way quickly, effortlessly and efficiently. So the healing can begin.

Animal Friends

Nature has a powerful effect on healing. That’s why we brought nature’s animals inside.

Our animal friends aren’t just small touches that complement the art on our walls. They’re six-foot-tall, wooden wonders designed to entertain patients.

They’re the type of animals that can be found in the park just beyond the hospital’s front doors. And they’re a positive distraction, allowing children to exercise their curiosity, while encouraging families to forget where they are for a moment. And that’s what’s important to us. Helping kids get back to just being kids, and making everyone who visits feel more at home.

So where did we find these wonderful creatures? Right here, in Ohio. There was no need to look farther than Mansfield to find these enchanting structures, handcrafted by world-renown carousel carvers. And they got it. They know the joy that their creations bring. And why not spread that joy in a place where everything matters?

Green Space

Why did we buy trees three years out? Because we're not only picky, we're price conscious, too.

The care we’ve taken to get everything right with our main hospital doesn’t end at the front door.  Our front lawn adds six acres of green space to our campus because we understand the healing power of nature.  A fragrant maze.  A storyteller garden. Walking paths and serene gardens. Plants and trees without any toxic leaves or berries that might tempt inquisitive young hands and mouths.  We planned every detail to distract, to rejuvenate and to relax our patients, families, staff and neighbors.

As any gardener knows, creating the best possible landscape takes time, years in fact.  Back in 2009, we bought our trees, because we wanted to have the best selection.  We wanted to give the trees time to mature.  And we wanted to take advantage of the low prices available at that time.  That’s smart planning and smart business.

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