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What Kind of Psychosocial Care Do Children With Cancer and Their Families Need?
Evidence-based standards show providers and institutions how best to offer support.

During “Head Start” Trials, Mortality and Morbidity Have Decreased
New “Head Start 4” uses experience, molecular studies to customize safe central nervous system tumor treatment.

Ultrasounds Find Thyroid Nodules Missed by Physical Exams in Pediatric Cancer Survivors
Should ultrasounds be standard in long-term follow-up of patients with previous radiation treatment?

Predicting the Efficacy of Immune-Based Therapies for Pediatric Solid Tumors
Expression of HLA class I and ß-2-microglobulin may show how susceptible some cancers are to T-cell based immunotherapies.

Biospecimen Core Resource

Nationwide Children’s is processing tumor and tissue for The Cancer Genome Atlas, the nation’s largest cancer genome study. Learn more about our role as a Biospecimen Core Resource.

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Pediatric Tumor Bank

Nationwide Children's is home to the world’s largest pediatric tumor bank. This collection allows pathologists to make quicker, more accurate diagnosis and provides researchers access to much needed samples - helping to design customized cancer treatments, and possibly to find a cure. View video

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