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The Immune System May Play a Key Role in Viral Therapy’s Effectiveness Against Tumors
A new study suggests that immune system suppression may hinder viral therapy's ability to fight cancer.

The Numbers Are In: Deaths From Central Nervous System Cancers
Pediatric cancer-related deaths result in a large part from CNS cancers. A new study explores the data.

Improving Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant Outcomes
Animal studies suggest that mesenchymal stromal cell injections may protect BMT recipients from graft-versus-host disease without harming anti-cancer activity.

Pulmonary Sickle Cell Clinic Aims to Reduce Loss to Follow-Up
Adding a dedicated pulmonologist to the existing Comprehensive Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Program may improve patient care.

New Opportunities for Regulating Tumor Suppressor Protein
Research indicates that two protein variants can modulate the p53 tumor-suppressing pathway, even upregulating it.

Neuroblastoma Biomarker Predicts Cancer Severity Risk
Researchers have identified a biomarker that may help classify patients with more aggressive neuroblastoma, regardless of age-based risk categories.

Anti-Angiogenic Measles Virus Offers Hope for Medulloblastoma Treatment
Researchers further improve a viral therapy for medulloblastoma by adding anti-angiogenic proteins.

Research Helps Demystify Sickle Cell Disease
Research is shedding light on issues in pediatric sickle cell patients, from acute chest syndrome to social skills.

Anticoagulation Clinic Offers Streamlined Treatment
Patients receiving anticoagulation therapy can now obtain blood tests and medication adjustments in a single visit.

MIBG Treatment Now Available
State-of-the-art treatment room for MIBG patients offers twelfth floor views and an attached parent room.

2013 Inroads in Pediatric Cancer Research
Research highlights from Hematology/Oncology/BMT includes advanced viral therapy, preclinical testing, chemotherapy and tumor suppression.

Clinical Trials

At any given time there are a large number of clinical trials taking place at Nationwide Children’s that offer state-of-the-art therapies and additional treatment options to your child.

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Biospecimen Core Resource

Nationwide Children’s is processing tumor and tissue for The Cancer Genome Atlas, the nation’s largest cancer genome study. Learn more about our role as a Biospecimen Core Resource.

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Pediatric Tumor Bank

Nationwide Children's is home to the world’s largest pediatric tumor bank. This collection allows pathologists to make quicker, more accurate diagnosis and provides researchers access to much needed samples - helping to design customized cancer treatments, and possibly to find a cure. View video

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