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Hand Hygiene Compliance (Cleaning Hands)

What is hand hygiene?

Child Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is all about keeping our hands clean. All of our staff are required to wash their hands upon entering and exiting a room, and before and after providing care to any patient outside of a room.

Why do we measure?

  • Hand hygiene is the best way to prevent all kinds of hospital infections

  • Clean hands protect everyone - patients, visitors and staff.

How do we measure?

  • The measurement we use is percentage of hand hygiene compliance.

  • Specially trained observers spend time on a daily basis watching all employees who enter or leave patients' rooms.

  • Observations are calculated by time of day, hospital department and type of employee.

How are we doing?

  • In November 2010, a hospital-wide campaign to remind employees of the importance of hand hygiene led to a significant increase in compliance.

  • We regularly reach nearly 100% compliance.

  • If the percentage of hand hygiene compliance falls below 90% in any department, corrective action is taken.

Never hesitate to ask a staff member or visitor to wash their hands.


Nationwide Children's Hospital Hand Hygiene Compliance Chart

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