Your New Hospital

Look inside the new, 12-story patient tower of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Click the Arrows or Explore button below.

Take a tour of our entire campus.

Animal Friends

Our animal friends wait outside the playrooms on each level to greet our patients and families as they step off the elevator. These larger-than-life wooden wonders, specially crafted right here in Ohio, complement our nature theme and promise to delight children of all ages.


Our two-story Atrium greets visitors with abundant natural light shining in from our green space. In this expansive entryway, you’ll find Admitting, the Gift Shop and the Magic Bean Café. Our animal friends guide the way to an interactive story-telling tree to delight and surprise children of all ages.

Educational Niches

Did you know butterflies eat with their feet? Throughout our hospital, you’ll find educational niches carved into the walls featuring “did you know” facts about some of our favorite outdoor creatures.

Emergency Department

Our Emergency Department is home to Ohio's first Level 1 pediatric trauma center. This state-of-the-art space features 62 exam rooms, and a family-centered waiting area featuring a 1,400 gallon fish tank. Just one of countless details specially designed to distract your child from being at the hospital.

Green Space

Our new front lawn adds six acres of green space to our campus because we understand the healing power of nature. Built specifically for families and children of all ages, our green space includes a fragrance maze, storyteller’s nook, chalk wall, walking paths and serene gardens. We planned every detail to distract, to rejuvenate and to relax our patients, families and neighbors.

Magic Forest

You won’t believe your eyes when you step into the Magic Forest, an interactive play and relaxation area we built to take your family’s mind off being at the hospital. The outdoors come alive with two-story-high trees, animal friends and artful wallscapes to surprise, entertain and delight our patients and families. Depending on the season and time of day, you’ll never know what you might find in our Magic Forest.

Nationwide Children's at Night

LED-lit headboards light the night sky outside Nationwide Children’s. Patients can choose to set their headboard on their favorite color or a revolving, multi-color setting.

Patient Room

We worked side-by-side with patient families to design our new inpatient rooms. Each room features an LED-lit headboard, a sleep recliner and a large couch that folds out to comfortably sleep two adults.

Patient Room

Each room features plenty of secure storage space, a private bathroom with a specially-designed tub, and our patient “edutainment” system, which offers one-stop education and entertainment options controlled from the bedside.

Patient Room

Outside each patient room is space for our care team to work with minimal interruptions to your child.


To help you find your way throughout the hospital, we’re using a colored path system based on the concept of a subway map. A clear, simple color line will help you navigate, and bursts of leaves on the floor indicate key destinations to let you know you’ve arrived.