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Fitness and Nutrition (F.A.N.) Club

A Community Partnership with a Focus on Fitness and Nutrition

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Fitness and Nutrition (F.A.N.) Club was established in 2008 as part of the hospital’s pediatric obesity initiative to help 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students experience fun activities to keep them fit and healthy through physical activity and education. The after-school and summer F.A.N. Club includes activities such as strength training, games, flag football, stretching, cardio-aerobic activities and nutrition and there is no cost to club participants.

Community Relations News

In support of Nationwide Children's pediatric obesity initiative, the F.A.N. Club aims to increase participation in physical activity and healthy eating behaviors in children aged 9 to 12. The club includes activities such as strength training, games, flag football, stretching, cardio-aerobic activities and nutrition. The cost is free to participants.

If you have questions or would like information on how to start your own F.A.N. Club, please contact:

Doug Wolf
(614) 355-6007

First Year Results

The first year analysis of the two F.A.N. Club sites at Livingston Elementary School and Lincoln Park Elementary School shows promising results. Learn more.

F.A.N. Club Challenge Day 2008

On August 12, kids who participated in the Summer F.A.N. Club put themselves to the test and challenged one another in physical activities they had learned over the summer. The F.A.N. Club staff focused on helping the kids recognize improvements they had achieved in their fitness levels and then linked those accomplishments by playing a variety of games including relay races, flag football and frisbee football. "We stressed the importance of having fun while being fit during the challenges," said Doug Wolf.

  Full Potential 2009: Actions on Obesity Report

As an update to the 2008 Full Potential report, Nationwide Children’s collaborated with local resources to deliver a report highlighting strategies within our community to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity. Erica, a F.A.N. Club participant, has shown great success in the program.

Photo of Erica, a F.A.N. Club Participant

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