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Family-Centered Care Details

As we began our planning for building the nation's largest pediatric expansion, we made sure to take every single detail into consideration. Read below to learn about our hospital's details focused on our promise of Family-Centered Care.

Patient Edutainment

It's an idea so powerful, it needed a new word to describe it. “Edutainment.”

“To us, it’s a way to inform and educate. To parents, it’s a welcome distraction for their hospitalized child. To kids, it’s just cool.

Patient edutainment transforms the hospital room into an interactive care environment with education, entertainment, inpatient services and Internet resources, all available with the touch of a bedside button. As caregivers, we have the ability to improve patient safety with health information and improve service by addressing concerns in real time. That saves us money. And even more important, it gives us more time for patient care.

We searched the country for the best and most cost-effective, "edutainment”system to achieve our clinical outcomes, as part of a fully integrated care approach. We found it with the GetWellNetwork, where patient families are invited into an interactive world to learn and play.


Our interior designers couldn’t rest until our patients’ parents could, too.

It wasn’t enough to choose a comfortable couch. Our team’s designers insisted on sleeping on one before they would approve it. In fact, all of our patient rooms were designed with the entire family in mind. So now, when parents want to spend the night with their child, they’ll get a good night’s sleep, right in their child’s room. We made sure of it by designing functional furniture options that are also the most comfortable. And by letting commitment and compassion guide our decision-making.

We tested everything. The couches, chairs, and even the bathtubs in patient rooms, are like none other on the market. They have been customized to suit the needs of our patients, our families and our staff. And with good reason. Getting it right the first time means we won’t need to buy replacements earlier than necessary. Quality pieces not only last longer, but also provide the most comfortable environment for our families. And that’s what matters. 

Emergency Department

264 seconds. That's how long it takes to get from the helipad to a trauma room in the new E.D.

We know because we timed it, over and over again. And since our new hospital opened, our trauma teams not only know how long it takes, but instinctively know the route because they have practiced it so many times.

We’re already home to Ohio’s first Level 1 pediatric trauma center. So, we asked ourselves, “How do we improve upon that kind of excellence?” By building an emergency department that’s bigger. Better. More efficient. And by devoting ourselves to the details, during an emergency, there’s nothing to consider but saving lives.

We made a promise to our families and to our staff, to create the best emergency department in the country. Now we’re fulfilling that promise, by issusing a new one: We'll never stop working to get better at making kids better.

Visitor Management

In the new main hospital, everything has been considered and improved. Including security.

Our number one priority has always been the safety of our patients, families and staff. And with our new visitor management system, we’re taking security to an even higher level, so everyone who walks our halls knows they're safe and sound.

How does it work? Our Guest Code system remains. But we’re addied ID scans. Instant background checks. Key cards that automatically deactivate. And an extra layer of security with an innovative intercom system on each unit.

We’re protecting our families, and protecting our staff, because a safe environment is a healing environment.

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