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Osteopathic Focus

The application of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) in real life practice is important to your education and development. In the Resident Continuity Clinic and at Education Day you will have many opportunities to practice and pursue OMM and clinical research in OMM. Annually, at our Dual Residency OMM retreat, national experts in Pediatric OMM present at a topic oriented Osteopathic workshop, also including the opportunity for additional “time table” to further practice skills in OMM.

CORE Education Day
Every four weeks, the program presents an osteopathic lecture series exclusively for Dual residents. Residents and speakers present specific cases and discuss topics unique to osteopathic medicine. Each lecture ends with a dedicated OMM “table time” session, giving our residents the opportunity to hone their OMT and learn new techniques from experience osteopathic faculty.

For example, one block’s lecture focused on neonatology and osteopathic considerations regarding feeding difficulties and plagiocephaly. The lecture discussed the various treatment options that exist to treat such common findings with osteopathic manipulation and then allotted time for hands-on table time to demonstrate and use the various techniques.

Osteopathic Journal Club
One evening every four weeks, Dual residents and faculty meet over dinner to discuss articles relevant to osteopathic topics and research, research design, statistics and evidence-based medicine.

OMM Rotation
In their second year, residents in the Dual Program complete a four-week rotation with a community osteopathic physician. This experience gives you the chance to expand your knowledge of OMM techniques that can be used to treat common pediatric problems and gain confidence in the practice of OMM. This rotation also gives our residents the opportunity to practice OMM in a private office setting and choose techniques appropriate for clinical situations and patient age, while explaining OMM to patients and families and learning about billing coding for OMT. During this rotation, you will also begin an OMM research project and learn OMM research methodology.

OMM Retreat
In May, the Dual Program hosts a two-day OMM workshop featuring a pediatric osteopathic speaker. This workshop is for all Dual Program residents and it aims to provide additional education in osteopathic principles, reinforcing key techniques and practicing new techniques that can be integrated into daily practice.

Dedicated OMM Clinic
All Dual residents complete a four-week rotation at our Hilltop Primary Care Center each year, in addition to working at this dedicated DO clinic for a half day each week throughout the year. As part of their annual block rotation, they spend Tuesday mornings at Hilltop with one of our osteopathic community physicians in our innovative OMM Clinic. This clinic receives referrals from other Nationwide Children's Hospital clinics and community physicians and gives our residents the opportunity to see patients specifically referred for OMT.

“OMM Clinic has been a great opportunity to introduce our patients to osteopathic manipulative medicine in a more formal way, with visits designated specifically for treatment. Dr. Jordan is a great teacher and is very patient. The sessions are very hands-on for the resident and have helped me to feel more comfortable treating very small babies and even playful toddlers who are not interested in sitting still for long.” – Lindsey Barrick-Groskopf, DO, Resident

Osteopathic Pediatric Education in Community Sites (OPECS)
To provide one of the nation’s more distinctive experiences in community practice, each dual senior resident is assigned a half day a week in an osteopathic community pediatrician’s office. Residents see patients with a preceptor during non-ICU and non-ED rotations. This vital one-of-a-kid training experience:

  • Reinforces the basics of primary care pediatrics
  • Provides residents with the opportunity to practice OMM and to grow in the practice of osteopathic medicine alongside a “real-life” private pediatrician
  • Ensures a rich diversity of experience with different patient populations and a variety of private practices
  • Teaches the business aspects of osteopathic pediatrics practice

"Our office really enjoys having OPECS Residents. Our patient base is from a different socioeconomic group, and, therefore, practice techniques and the private insurance billing requirements are also very different. The Residents are often surprised about the questions they are expected to answer from highly educated and well informed parents. They have often commented they learn a different aspect of practice through OPECS. In turn, we really enjoy the up to date information they are able to give us. Their enthusiasm is contagious!" -Maureen Kollar, DO, OPECS Preceptor

ACOP/AOA Conference
In their third-year, Dual residents have the opportunity to attend the national AOA/ACOP conference. The program pays for travel expenses for this trip and encourages residents to present their own research in the form of a poster and presentation as part of their experience. Residents have the chance to learn new OMT, hear about exciting osteopathic research, and network with other osteopathic physicians from around the nation.

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