Dual Pediatrics Residency Mission Statement :: Nationwide Children's Hospital

The Dual Pediatrics Residency Mission

As pediatricians in training, we will strive to be leaders in our field by providing the highest quality healthcare for our patients while preserving our Osteopathic heritage. We pledge to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, being mindful of how our actions affect others. We will preserve the tenets of Osteopathic Medicine by treating the whole-person; using our ears to listen to our patients, our hearts for compassion, our hands to identify structural problems, and our knowledge to support the body's tendency toward self-healing. We will be mindful of the influence of the musculoskeletal system on all other body systems, and will practice the art of manipulation to promote the overall health of our patients. We will endeavor to be at the forefront of osteopathic research and education, and resolve to be advocates for ourselves and our patients by educating the community about Osteopathy. We will uphold the Osteopathic Oath to which we have sworn, and maintain the principles of Osteopathy which were first defined by Andrew Taylor Still.

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